14 Best Small Electric Cars of 2022

Electric cars are primarily intended for driving in the city. Because of their small size, it is easy to find a parking space, the charging infrastructure in large cities is now usually sufficiently developed and the range is completely sufficient for average short journeys.

Renault Zoe

The Renault ZOE is Germany’s best-selling electric car and there are good reasons for this: a range suitable for everyday use, driving pleasure and compact dimensions. The ZOE is also impressive when it comes to comfort and modern technologies – and for a surprisingly low price.


The brand new electric car from VW, the VW ID.3, is not small, but as a compact car, it is still a very small car. But as far as variability and suitability for everyday use are concerned, it is quite impressive. With a range of up to 550 kilometers, it can keep up with electric SUVs and the equipment is also at a very high level.

Cupra Born

The Cupra Born should not be missing here, because it is the sportier brother of the ID.3, so to speak. Despite being a few centimeters longer, it is still small and compact, and with a wheelbase of 2.77 meters, there is plenty of space inside. As already mentioned, if you want to be compact and sporty on the go, you can’t get past the Cupra Born – and it’s also very chic.

Opel Corsa-e

For a small car, almost 30,000 euros is not exactly cheap, but you also get a very good range, modern design, and sophisticated technology. The Corsa-e pleases and surprises. Anyone who wants a small car but needs a little more space will be fine with a length of 4 meters. At 285 liters, the trunk volume is also a good deal larger than in the small cars of the VW Group.

Renault Twingo Electric

Renault Twingo Electric

The Twingo Electric is Renault’s latest e-city runabout and impresses in terms of value for money. There are offers from just under 12,000 euros and if you use the Twingo Electric as a pure city vehicle, you can get by with a range of 270 kilometers. The E-Twingo is environmentally friendly and a small fun vehicle that is still comfortable and safe. The extremely small turning circle of 8.6 meters helps enormously and the Twingo scurries nimbly and maneuverable through city traffic.

Fiat 500 Electric

Finally, Fiat has an electric car and that is the popular Fiat 500 of all things. The Fiat 500 Elektro does a lot of things right because the equipment has improved many times over compared to the last model, as has the quality. For this reason and because of the electric drive, the price has also risen, which thanks to the electric premium – especially when choosing the basic equipment – is good.

BMW i3

A few years ago, BMW was one of the first major brands with an electric car on the market with the i3 . Continuous improvements increased the range of the compact four-seater to 260 kilometers. Its design is still futuristic today, especially the rear doors that open backward are its trademark.

Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring

Dacia’s first electric car is a crossover. The Dacia Spring comes with a robust exterior and environmentally friendly technology. The range of 230 kilometers is suitable for everyday use and the manufacturer remains true to its promise and offers the Spring at a very attractive price.

Opel Mokka-e

The Opel Mokka-e is a small SUV that has arrived in the modern age without being too aloof. Just as Opel customers love it. With the Mokka-e you are not sporty on the go, but it is enough for everyday use. Depending on the type of vehicle, there is a high seating position and sufficient storage space almost for free.

MINI Cooper SE 3-door

The popular small car MINI now also has an electric version at the start. The Cooper SE 3-Door is hip and youthful. In addition, driving is fun and the range is reasonable. However, MINI didn’t dare to do much in terms of design, because you have to look closely to see the difference to conventional combustion engines.

Smart EQ for two

As a typical city car, the smart EQ is predestined for an electric drive. As with most small e-cars, the range is not great. If you opt for the convertible, you will also get a lot of sun on short journeys. The length of 2.70 meters and a sensational turning circle of 6.95 meters are ideal in the city and shopping is also easily accommodated in the trunk.

Peugeot e-208

The first member of the Peugeot electric family is called the e-208. The small car mixes up the segment with a modern design, good range, and a fair price. Technically, the e-208 is identical in construction to the Corsa-e but looks more modern and the operation takes some getting used to. If you want to be a little more daring, you can opt for the Peugeot, while the Opel is more classic – but both models impress in the city with their compact dimensions and practicality.

Smart EQ ForTwo convertible

A small car as a convertible is already a true rarity – and even more so as an electric car. The smart EQ ForTwo Cabriolet is currently the only e-car cabriolet on the market. This makes it the first and only alternative if you want to travel electrically, want the most compact dimensions possible, and need a breeze of fresh air.



The first electric Honda is impressive with its retro design. The Honda e is a good alternative to other small electric cars but not exactly cheap. The range is also not the greatest at 200 kilometers and with a length of almost 4 meters, it is one of the larger of the little ones.

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