2022 BMW X2 Will come with renewed electric engine

Development of the update to the 2022 BMW X2 appears to be continuing, as this is the first sighting of one of the model’s prototypes since it was last seen last spring. On this occasion, we find a somewhat more uncovered specimen that shows new exterior elements.

The last time we saw a test unit of the new BMW X2, an acronym the German company uses to designate facelifts or mid-life updates, was last April. It is clear that this enormous time lag is not simply due to the brand’s test pilots had managed to better avoid spy photographers, but to the forced industrial stop that the industry has suffered globally in the first half of this year.

After returning to work at the beginning of summer, manufacturers have slowly begun to activate the different projects that had to be stopped in the spring, including the first major update that the BMW X2, the SUV version, is about to undergo. coupe from the German compact range.

The 2022 BMW X2 was presented at the end of 2017 and arrived at the dealerships in our market in 2018. Since then it has not undergone any major changes, although just yesterday a new edition of the crossover coupe was presented, the attractive BMW X2 M Mesh Edition, inspired in some of the classic models of the Bavarian firm. However, despite the youth of the model, the brand began the development of this update more than a year ago, as the first test unit was sighted during the summer of 2019.

Although the prototype that appears in these photographs seems to have a somewhat primitive configuration, with numerous provisional-looking elements poking out on the front, it appears somewhat more uncovered and with more novelties than the last units that we had been able to analyze of this facelift. On the front, we can expect a slightly redesigned bumper with a new position for the auxiliary optics and new graphics for the main optics. This scheme will be the same used in the rear area, where we are going to find some riders with new graphics, but with fewer changes than in the front area.

At the moment we cannot specify what changes there will be at the mechanical or frame level if the brand plans to release new features in the technical area. What is certain is that inside there will be some redesigned elements, such as the iDrive remote control, whose system will receive the latest news and connectivity tools from the Bavarian company. Regarding its presentation, due to the evident delay suffered during its development, we cannot assure when the brand plans to launch the renewed model, but the initially planned date was before the end of this year, hence we call the new X2 facelift a model.

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