2023 Ford Escape It will be launched in Europe as Kuga

After the renewal undergone by the Ford Fiesta and Focus, the next model of the brand with the blue oval is the Escape. The compact SUV, which will arrive in 2023, is already undergoing various tests in the United States, accompanied by a makeover that we present in this suggestive preview.

The blue oval brand is in the process of renewing its range of models, with great news for 2023. In a few months, the production and marketing of the updated Fiesta and Focus will start, which have made a great improvement in all areas. But they will not be the only ones because, waiting to know if the Mondeo will return to Europe or not, the next on the list is the Kuga.

The third generation of the compact SUV debuted in spring 2019, so it is very close to the equator of its presentation and is already facing the tests of the pertinent facelift that the global production model will undergo, adopting a sportier and more sporty image. sleek that will center the changes to the front, as you can see in this recreation. A very faithful preview based on the most recent spy photos of the model hunted in the United States.

New air for the Ford Escape Facelift 2023

The model will offer a more modern aesthetic, adopting the new features implanted in the compact, with thinner and sharper Full LED headlights that present a new light signature delimiting the projectors. The light clusters will be fused with an attractive more oval radiator grille and with a special finish that will put a more sporty grade. They also change the shapes of the bumper and the hood of the new invoice.

2023 Ford Escape

Some changes that “lift” the front more, and that makes it more vertical. At the opposite extreme, the rear of the Escape 2023 will receive revised pilots that, like the Focus, will keep the shape intact but will change the light functions and the lampshade offering a different air.

The Escape, one of the most important models of the brand, will also have important improvements in the interior, at the level of materials and equipment, standing out for a more modern digital instrument panel, a larger touch screen, and new connectivity solutions. and driving assistants improved in their operation. The range of engines will also be retouched, paying special attention to hybrids that will improve their autonomy figures in electric mode rather than performance or power figures.

When will the Ford Escape Facelift arrive? Testing on the other side of the Atlantic has just started, but Ford typically runs no more than six months on mid-life face wash testing programs, so we expect its introduction in the middle of next spring. although the commercial launch will be delayed until autumn 2022, as model 2023.

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