2022 Ford Mondeo Details of the new generation

Ford continues to play the distraction: will the current Mondeo have a successor? Will it kill your big saloon? Yes and no. We tell you the last hour of the popular model.

One of the biggest secrets of the automobile industry seems to be, in recent months, the possible continuity or not of the Ford Mondeo. It is true that the North American brand already confirmed a few months ago that in March 2022 the saloon would be discontinued after three decades in the market, due to poor sales in the category and ” the growing change in customer preference .” But it is also true that, then, he announced that he would replace an SUV … about which little by little we are learning more information.

And it is that, in China, the presentation of a new medium crossover called Evos began to give clues. Information that, now, we corroborate with new spy images captured by some international media with the Mondeo’s successor already rolling with camouflaged bodywork in the last phase of testing … and with the first illustrations of its new generation signed by our colleagues at Kolesa.ru. Ford continues to play the distraction: will the current Mondeo have a successor? Will it kill your big saloon? Yes and no. We tell you the last hour of the popular model.


The last hour, therefore, indicates that everything will be true. Yes, the Mondeo will finally have a replacement in 2022. And yes, its successor will be a new crossover, which will derive its body from a fusion between saloon and SUV. A strategy that, for example, Citroën has already carried out with its new C5 X and that, in the field of minivans, Renault will also carry out with the successor to the Scénic. The market asks for SUV, there is no choice.

The new model, which as you can see in the images will be very similar to the new Evos already marketed in China, could even keep the Mondeo name, or be called Mondeo Evos, directly. It is still unknown which markets this new model will reach, although everything indicates that, beyond the emerging ones, it could be marketed throughout Europe and, who knows, if also in the United States. That is yet to be confirmed.

2022 Ford Mondeo


With a front very similar to the Evos, and with a more common silhouette to what we consider to be an SUV, the rear will nevertheless stand out from the crossover sold in China to get a little closer to the sedan concept thanks to a more inclined rear glass already a slightly longer and longer boot lid.

With good ground clearance, and many features also reminiscent of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, little is known about the interior, although the Evos vibe could carry over to this new crossover. If so, a screen of up to 1.1 meters would be available for the front passengers, an impressive surface that would be composed of 12.3-inch digital instrumentation coupled with a touch screen of up to 27 inches and 4K resolution located in the console central.

The successor of the Mondeo will also bet on the latest technology in all areas: from its full connectivity to new driving assistance systems, which in theory will serve to offer already a level 2 of autonomous driving.

In Asian markets, the Ford Evos comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged Ecoboost engine, 4 cylinders, and 238 hp of power in gasoline, and a hybrid engine is also expected soon. If this is marketed in all European markets, we also bet that electrification will gain prominence in its range by offering, at least, some plug-in hybrid version. We will continue to inform…

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