2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee All Details

Jeep presented the new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a bang. The new flagship model of the US company will only be available in Europe with a plug-in hybrid engine. We have current information and pictures for you!

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is entering the next round and is showing its best side in the new, fifth generation. Now that the current generation of the Grand Cherokee has already entered its eleventh model year in 2021, it was high time for Jeep to update the SUV cracker. Find out what to expect from the new Jeep Grand Cherokee here.

  • 5th generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee presented
  • In Europe only available as a plug-in hybrid
  • 2 gasoline engines for exclusive sale in North America
  • Completely redesigned interior
  • Many new assistance systems
  • Expected to be available from 2022

The masses mourn because the fresh Jeep Grand Cherokee will only be available for purchase from 2022. If you really can’t keep your feet still until the American SUV is available, you can of course also fall back on one of the following alternatives.

Exterior design

Admittedly, the look of the Grand Cherokee was never really for everyone or everyone. The SUV, whose name means something like “great member of the Cherokee tribe”, has always been known less for elegant curves than for angular, rustic design. The new-generation Grand Cherokee will also basically remain down-to-earth but is a lot softer than its predecessor.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior

The word “down-to-earth” in connection with the Grand Cherokee might have been soured for some. After all, this is more or less a luxury SUV that doesn’t want to be anything but down-to-earth. Insofar as the car represents a successful mix of the continuation of the legacy of its ancestors and the integration of new technical gimmicks, it can be described as down-to-earth.

The Grand Cherokee lives up to its name and extends over a length of 4.91 meters. A long, large car – that promises a lot of space in the interior (we will come to that later), but also a more difficult search for a parking space in the city. If it’s less about the numbers and more about the feel and the look, you should be happy with the Grand Cherokee.

The new stylish front and the daring use of a connecting bar between the two taillights pay off – Jeep has put together a chic and beefy SUV.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior

What began on the outside continues in the interior and is further expanded: The interior of the new Grand Cherokee is bursting with elegance and luxury, so that just by looking at it, it becomes clear that the Jeep engineers have done a great job.

The enormous central display, which is used to make most of the adjustments in the Grand Cherokee, is particularly eye-catching. The air conditioning alone still relies on old-fashioned rotary switches – of course, everyone has their preference, but as long as you don’t have to rummage through the central screen for 5 minutes to adjust the temperature, nobody can grumble.

The hardware is already convincing at the sight. But what about the soft skills, the software? The new Uconnect5 multimedia system is used in the Grand Cherokee. If you want to connect your mobile phone to the car wirelessly via Android Auto or Apple Carplay, this car is the right choice. The American SUV not only flatters your smartphone but also your back – but only if you order the optional massage seats.

An optional night vision camera and an all-around camera, which will be worth gold when parking, provide a technical kick in the Grand Cherokee. With Active Driving Assist, autonomous driving is also within reach.


2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior

Rumor has it that there are three different engines for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. In Germany, however, only one of these will be available. What does that mean again? The solution to the riddle is relatively simple: the two petrol engines that Jeep has in its repertoire are not offered in Europe due to insufficient emissions. Only the Grand Cherokee as a plug-in hybrid was able to meet the strict standard values.

The model is then called the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe and is powered by a combination of an electric motor and a 272 hp petrol engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters. Purely electric and therefore locally emission-free, the Grand Cherokee can, in the best case, cover 40 kilometers. That’s not much, especially when compared to other models. Given its quite high weight, however, one can speak of an acceptable value. On average, the Jeep SUV should swallow 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers. The same applies here: Others consume less, but excessive drinking is alien to the Grand Cherokee.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee prices

The 4xe plug-in hybrid model will be available in the US from early 2022. For us, this means that sales in Germany can be expected from around the middle of the year.

Jeep does not yet give price information in its presentation. However, based on the facts, we can get a rough picture of the penny that would have to go over the counter when buying. SUV and plug-in hybrid? Sounds like a relatively expensive combination. Since it is also a jeep, we suspect prices around 75,000 euros and more.

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