2022 Kia Ceed: Revealed With New Face & Tech

Kia launches the mid-life redesign of the Ceed, its compact C-segment model, available in three different bodies (5-door, estate Tourer, and shooting brake Proceed). The redesign affects, above all, the aesthetics of the front and the rear, the equipment, especially the safety, and, to a lesser extent, the available engines. These new Kia Ceed, which already sport the new logo of the brand, will be on sale at the end of this year 2021.

Kia will offer a range consisting of six engines, four petrol, one diesel, and one of the plug-in hybrid types that are only available with the estate Tourer body. The gasoline engines are the 1.0 three-cylinder in versions of 100 and 120 hp, a 1.5 of 160 hp and for the Kia Ceed GT versions, which are the top of the range, a 1.6-liter engine that yields 204 hp of power. The diesel version, the only one available, carries the brand’s usual 1.6-liter engine in its 136 hp variant.

2022 Kia Ceed

Both the diesel engine and the 160 hp gasoline engine have the micro-hybridization system that is optional on the 120 hp engine and is not available on either the 100 hp or the 204 hp engine. When combined with the manual gearbox six-speed, the hybrid versions mount the iMT-type box with electronic management that is capable of turning off the engine on descents if it is not accelerated to take better advantage of the inertia (as it would be done when driving in neutral) but without wasting fuel since the system stops the engine. This box has six speeds. The more powerful versions can also be ordered with an automatic box.

The plug-in hybrid variant maintains the same powertrain as up to now and combines a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter petrol engine with 105 hp and a 61 hp electric motor. With this engine, the brand announces a range of 57 km in the urban cycle. This propeller is the same as the Xceed PHEV that we tested in this video link. The safety equipment now includes the steering function combined with the blind spot detector that generates resistance on the steering wheel if we are going to invade the adjoining lane and a car comes along, the warning to resume driving, which warns when the vehicle in front of us in a traffic jam has resumed its march and the warning system of possible collision when reversing, both against a fixed object and with vehicles approaching perpendicular. Active cruise control, lane-keeping, fatigue detection, and emergency braking system with warning of possible collision with pedestrian and cyclist recognition are maintained.

Kia Ceed 2022 Aesthetic changes

2022 Kia Ceed

The front is where the main novelties are concentrated. The most important area on the grille, which now includes decorative profiles inside the grille and on the bumpers, is redesigned and different depending on the finish since the more sporty Kia Ceed GT and Kia Ceed GT-Line have a more attractive appearance and are highlighted with red elements. The headlights, although they maintain the same shape, are now LED in all versions and include a different arrangement of the different elements that compose them.

2022 Kia Ceed

At the rear, the bumpers of all versions also change and both the design of the headlights (the shape is not) and the logos that appear in this area are modified. The headlights now have a design with small red light points, as if they were behind a black grille. The indicators of the most equipped versions will now be sequential. As is customary in these cases, the range of alloy wheels is also renewed, ranging from 16 to 18 inches and new body colors are added.

2022 Kia Ceed

Inside the changes are minimal and the design is maintained with the large 10.25-inch screen in the most complete versions (8 in the low-end versions) located in a prominent position on the dashboard. The instrumentation is digital, with a 12.3-inch screen, and serves the infotainment system, the mobile phone (it is compatible with all phones), and the reversing camera.

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