2022 Mazda CX-60 The expected six-cylinder SUV

A few weeks ago we had breakfast with the news that in Hiroshima they were preparing a full-fledged attack on the establishment. New SUVs, six-cylinder engines, and technologies for all tastes. And this is where the Mazda CX-60 coming in 2022 comes into play.

It is an incursion into the lines of “lifelong” premium SUVs of the German brands, although it also intends to harm the Volvo XC60 and the new players on the board, such as Genesis, which is about to land with the GV60.

Thanks to some leaks that “escaped” from the Japan Patent Office, our colleagues and friends from Motor.es have been able to make a very faithful recreation of what will be the next evolution of the KODO design that is giving them such good results.

And it is that, in the usual line to which Mazda has accustomed us, the new model will offer a clean and beautiful design without the need for fireworks: a long hood with a sharp look (probably with a side similar to that of the MX-30 that you have upstairs), a house brand radiator grille and engines in keeping with the times.

2022 Mazda CX-60 Six-cylinder engines

One of the things that I like the most about this brand personality is the choice of engines. During the presentation in 2019 of the Mazda3, I discovered the term “rightsizing” (something like “the right size”) to defend the use of naturally aspirated two-liter gasoline engines (read the Mazda3 Skyactiv-X test here.

They have since moved on with this. And, how could it be otherwise, if the CX-60 is destined to fight in such a conservative segment, it has to go all out. So yes: you are waiting for it from the beginning of the text. The six-cylinder engines arrive in a longitudinal position.

2022 Mazda CX-60

They will do it with 48-volt technology, an ECO sticker, and the surname Skyactiv-X and its innovative technique that does not use the spark from the spark plugs, but rather the compression of the fuel as diesel do. Logically there are no power figures, although we can expect powers above 200 long CV.

More engines: the CX-60 will be able to use diesel versions (in Japan a six-cylinder is expected that probably will not reach Europe) and also others in line with the new times: we expect a plug-in hybrid CX-60 and a hybrid in which a motor Electric receives power from a rotary motor.

You may be wondering if they will be a front-wheel drive or front-wheel-drive models. The truth is that me too: what is certain is that models with four-wheel drive will arrive.

The new SUV family is going to be global

The CX-60 is part of a relatively large family. The new Mazda SUVs will have two types of width and two other types of interior: of the latter, with two or three rows of seats (five or seven seats). Also narrow and widebodies.

And how do you eat this?. Easy: the ‘narrows’ will arrive in Europe because they fit better with the roads of our continent. They will be the CX-60 and the CX-80, the seven-seater version of the protagonist of this article. On the other hand, the wide bodies will go to the United States: they will be the CX-70 and CX-90.

The arrival date of the Mazda CX-60 is expected sometime in the second half of 2022, so there is still time to learn more details. As always, if you give us a little of your time and tell us on social media how you would like this model to arrive, you will be more than welcome…

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