2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X Our first impressions

The Frontier designed for the US market is deeply renewed and comes to try to snatch some of the glamors that the Toyota Tacoma has.

We made our first impressions with the 2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X. We liked it very much with its renewed design language and up-to-date technologies. Details are here. Speaking of pick-ups, it is undeniable that Nissan enjoys a privileged position in our market. And that is due to its indestructible Estaquitas, the D21 mainly, although the successors have done the same to continue building the image it has.

Interestingly, Nissan never managed to transfer that perception to the upper segments (the most lucrative), and to show it is that the Titan, rival to Lobo, Cheyenne, and RAM 1500, has not been marketed in our country for a long time.

However, in recent years a subsegment has been forming where the Japanese firm believes it has a chance to get a good slice of the cake with its new Frontier V6 PRO-4X. I mean those midsize pickups, which are not focused on work, but adventure and 4×4 forays.

Perhaps the most prominent exponent of this small niche is the Toyota Tacoma, although we also find the Chevrolet Colorado and the occasional version of the Ford Ranger.

We are indeed talking about a small and low-volume segment, but when used well it can create a good perception.

16 years later, a new generation

2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X

It took almost 16 years for Nissan to deeply renovate the Frontier destined for the US market, so lucrative and noble is the segment of the pickups in our neighboring country to the north, which with slight updates allows phenomena of this type.

But with all the above, the update was very urgent, yes, it is worth knowing that in a strict sense it is not a new generation, since although the interior, patterns, and mechanics are new, the frame (uses a body-on-chassis architecture) is the same as the previous generation.

The engine is a new 3.8-liter V6 that replaces the previous 4.0-liter block, this mechanic made its debut in the outgoing generation for the 2020 model year. However, for our market, it is a novelty.

  • Engine – V6 (VQ38) 3.8L
  • Power – 310 hp
  • Torque – 281 lb.-ft.
  • Transmission – 9-speed automatic
  • Traction – 4WD
2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X

Although there is a single traction version, for our market only the PRO-4X version will be available, with which we have very serious off-road capabilities.

There are 3 skid plates for the lower parts of the engine, fuel tank, and transfer case. Likewise, it has control of ascent and descent of slopes, electronic rear differential lock, while on the side the angles are: 31.3 ° for the attack and 22.6 ° for the exit. And we can’t forget the off-road feature of the 360 ​​° camera, which is super useful.

2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X

Being a pick-up focused on adventure, the load capacity is not one of its main strengths, just 499 kilos, while, in terms of towing, it is 2.8 tons.

2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X Interior and equipment

2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X

Inside doors, a radical change is noticeable and for the better, that rough visual proposal is maintained, it is functional, but it adopts all those elements of comfort and connectivity so necessary today.

Plastics, in general, are hard to the touch, although there are a couple of soft inserts, and thanks to the leather lining on the seats, steering wheel, and lever, the atmosphere is generally pleasant.

The 9 ”central touch screen with excellent resolution stands out, which is easy to use and has compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, there is also a wireless charger, two-zone automatic climate control, and a multifunction steering wheel, among others.

In the rear, the legroom is enough for medium-sized adults, but it could be better, also a detail that must be mentioned is that the backrest is too vertical, so a long journey will surely be tiring.

2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X Driving

Behind the wheel, I am happy to say that the evolution is remarkable, the Frontier V6 is much quieter and more refined than before, highlights the work done in filtering mechanical work, rolling, and wind noise.

2022 Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X

It is not an S-Class and it was not the idea, but the improvement is outstanding. The ride, while reasonably comfortable, maintains that somewhat nervous and bouncy feeling that characterizes pick-ups. If I were to rate the ride quality of the new Nissan Frontier V6, I would tell you that it is more controlled and comfortable than a Tacoma, but slightly below Colorado.

Sadly, on this first contact, there was no opportunity to do a real off-road test, much less get fuel economy figures, but on this first impression, Nissan’s revamped pickup showed a much-improved face.

The addition of the Frontier for the US, to the range in USA, is from my point of view a success, I think it may be a bit confusing that they are all called Frontier, although I understand the objective of building the brand.

And it is that where the Nissan Frontier PRO-4X ends with its 4-cylinder gasoline, there is still room to place a more aspirational and sophisticated product, which is precisely the role of the Frontier V6.

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