2022 Porsche Macan Facelift With Premium SUV

With the new Porsche Macan Facelift, the SUV will be extended in 2021. More performance, more quality, more comfort, more driving fun: the facelift has paid off, as the first test drive in the GTS proves.

While we have the new Porsche Macan Take the facelift 2022 on a first test drive, the future of the automobile is uncertain. The end of combustion technology hovers like a black cloud over possible investments in new models. Porsche has already announced the fully-electric next generation of the Macan for 2023. But that does not mean that Porsche will then stop the combustion engines. That is why they have given the current Macan an intensive rejuvenation treatment.

Porsche doesn’t do things by halves and has devoted itself to attention to detail with the successful SUV. However, the diesel is history at Porsche. The drive portfolio for an uncertainly long future will be contested by the Macan with a profoundly revised, noticeably more powerful two-liter four-cylinder. In the Macan S, Porsche is replacing the V6 turbo engine with a significantly more powerful V6 Biturbo with a slightly reduced displacement.

Result: The 26 HP and 40 Newton meters more should satisfy every Porsche fan. The new Porsche Macan Facelift 2022 draws even more power from the six-cylinder than the GTS. It brings 440 hp (plus 60 hp) and 560 Newton-meters (plus 40 Newton-meters) and thus takes over the role of the previous turbo.

2022 Porsche Macan first test drive

The GTS embodies the DNA of the Zuffenhausen-based company: inside it is most convincing, and not just on the first test drive with the new Porsche Macan Facelift (2021). With him, the engineers have created a particularly intimate connection between man and machine.

The GTS drive responds directly and intensely, uses the powerful torque shaft between 1900 and 5600 revolutions, and as soon as it reaches the maximum power at 5700 to 6000 tours. Everything about the Macan is extremely communicative. Above all, with the optional sports package with more rigid air suspension, more heavily dimensioned stabilizers, and sports tires, the GTS is a sports car in an SUV outfit. But it can also be different – even with a performance package. The advantage of its maturing time is not only noticeable in curves, but also terms of comfort. The body is milled from one solid piece.

2022 Porsche Macan

Rigidity is the basis for sensitively appealing spring elements. The standard, height-adjustable air suspension with adaptive dampers sensitively masters all edges, waves, or other distortions that come under the 21-inch wheels – standard on the GTS. The front and rear axles masterfully calm the structure. The new Porsche Macan Facelift (2021) as a GTS does not allow for rough hardships.

Macan GTS

The new Porsche Macan Facelift (2021) also sets a benchmark for workmanship and material quality – not just in its class, as the first test drive underscores. Porsche has put everything to the test and optimized it in every detail. The most noticeable innovations are the steering wheel adopted from the Panamera and 911 and the redesigned center console, where touch surfaces replace the previous switches and buttons.

2022 Porsche Macan

The shift lever, which has been shortened by 15 millimeters, is only noticeable on the second handle. And the analog clock on the top of the dashboard is now on board as standard. In contrast to some of its competitors, the Macan is optimally networked as standard. Both the online navigation system with voice control and a WLAN hotspot and numerous online services are standard features of all Macan models.

And if you don’t want to drive yourself into the python green paint (one of three new standard colors) when parking, you can choose the active parking assistant available for the first time, which elegantly and independently steers the Macan body, which is particularly confusing at the rear, into the parking space – the: the driver: all you have to do is operate the accelerator and brake. Looking at the price list remains relaxed with the standard equipment offered.

2022 Porsche Macan

A Macan S with 380 hp with 71,723 euros (as of September 2021) costs around 1000 euros less than a 360 hp BMW X3 M40i. The GTS with 10,591 euros expensive sports package (21-inch performance tires, rear axle differential with torque vectoring, adaptive sports seats, carbon package, and leather interior) then also costs 98,855 euros.

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