2022 Renault Kadjar: Latest updates & Latest Photos

The future Renault Kadjar will soon be on our roads. But what surprises does Renault have in store for us? When will this new generation be released, what technologies, and where will this Kadjar be manufactured? Answer below.

The current Kadjar was a great success during its first years of marketing, but the tide quickly turned with the arrival of the 3008 which took a toll on the Kadjar. Renault must offer a Kadjar 2 which will be able to set the record straight.

The numbers speak for themselves. When the brand’s sales amount to 4,875 Kadjar units since the start of the year, the Peugeot 3008 claims 20,446 in France. A huge difference, which is probably partly explained by a strong design, which we like or dislike, from its French competitor and a much more modern presentation.

A model very quickly outdated

The philosophy of the two models is also very different. When the Peugeot 3008, with its very specific, fully digital dashboard is centered on the driver, the Kadjar plays the card of classicism, perhaps also of the old world.

Too closely derived from the Qashqai, the current Kadjar also suffers from real equipment shortcomings, which remain valid even after its slight restyling which took place more than 2 years ago. We can cite multimedia equipment as outdated like its screen of only 7 inches at a time when we can no longer do anything without a screen, or, less visible, the absence of impulse mode on the electric windows.

Renault brings a more dynamic style for the Renault Kadjar 2022 vs 2021

2022 Renault Kadjar

To regain a more suitable place, the one who will now be the outsider in France will have to do better, inside and outside.

The Kadjar 2 will therefore see its current style evolve. Without being a revolution, because Renault is currently playing on design continuity, it will use the latest stylistic codes seen on, in particular, on the Mégane show car, both at the front with the daytime running lights under the headlights, as well as at the rear. with a light strip that runs the entire width of the car.

On the other hand, the Kadjar 2 will be entitled to a revolution in the interior, which will give pride of place to the screens, as we could see the first images of the future Mégane, and which will take the form that we could see on the Morphoz concept in 2020, in particular at the level of the central console.

If the current Kadjar gives pride of place to comfort, just like its Japanese cousin Nissan Qashqai, on the other hand, to drive, it is much less dynamic than the 3008 or the new Arkana. Here again, a history of philosophy. And the buyer is often the driver, you have to flatter the ego of the latter for the check to be signed.

The Kadjar, in 2021, remains despite everything a very good vehicle, on which, we can obtain nice discounts because of its current poor shape and its approaching end of life.

Which version of Renault Kadjar to choose?

2022 Renault Kadjar

Funny question, isn’t it? In reality, not that much.

Indeed, to make room for the Scénic, Renault had chosen to offer its Kadjar in only 5 places, unlike its competitors. With the disappearance of the compact MPV (like that of Space) which is no longer successful, the Kadjar will be entitled to much more than the current one.

5 or 7 places

Thus, the future SUV should offer three bodies, in 5 and 7 places. Thus, alongside the classic 5-seater Kadjar, we will therefore find an elongated version that will offer 7 real places, just as its French competitor is already doing.

Chopped off

Alongside the two previous versions, the range will be completed by a new “Coupé” version directly competing with … the Arkana, a vehicle that would be more dynamic and sportier.

With a single-vehicle available in several versions, and which will move upmarket, Renault will thus replace both the current Kadjar, but also the Scénic, and may also potentially make certain customers targeted by the Koléos wait.

New hybrid engines but no Diesel on the future Renault Kadjar

Being at the end of its life, the current Kadjar is not entitled to hybrid engines. For its replacement, the situation will be very different, since it will inaugurate a new generation of E-TECH engines.

Alliance requires, technically, the new Kadjar will always be based on the same architecture as the Nissan Qashqai, namely, the CMF platform in its C / D version (common to the C segment) but this time, the diamond brand has had the time needed to turn it into a real Renault.

If the current generation E-TECH is based on an original 1.6 atmospheric block from Nissan, the future generation will use a new engine designed by Renault, a 3-cylinder 1.2-liter (code name HR12) associated with a dog clutch ( DB45). While Renault was due to take over hybrid technology from Mitsubishi, the automaker has changed its mind and will use its technology. Officially, Mitsubishi’s technology would not pass future standards.

By reducing its displacement, Renault hopes to gain further in terms of consumption and therefore, CO2 emissions. And as a bonus, the engine gains in power since it should be offered in 200 hp. and even in 280 hp. in a rechargeable version and 4-wheel drive (thus facilitating the passage of power and torque) thanks to the power of a second motor on the rear wheels, thus transforming it into all-wheel drive.

Note that despite this power, it will be the first model limited to 180 km / h, an announcement made by Luca De Meo which made a lot of noise, more than he had imagined as he announced on Thursday, May 6 during the first Renault Talk.

If the 200hp engine. should be offered as soon as it is marketed in 2022, however, it will be necessary to wait until 2024 to have the 280 hp version available.

Alongside this new engine, the Kadjar will offer the 1.3 TCe block in 140 and 160 hp versions. equipped with a micro-hybridization, with a manual or automatic gearbox … Nissan original CVT. The EDC double-clutch gearbox does not seem to be included with this block.

And unsurprisingly, no Diesel offer is planned. Not necessarily a good thing when you know that there is still clearly an audience for this type of offer. Proof of this is, with sales of 208 Diesel, when the Clio has to do without it …

A production that remains in Spain

Like the current generation, the future Kadjar will be produced in Spain, at the Palencia plant. And that will not be all because, as we have revealed, the whole hybrid part will also be planned in Spain: the gearbox dedicated to the E-ETCH block will be produced in Seville, while the future E-TECH HR12 engine is meanwhile dedicated to the Valladolid plant.

The future Kadjar planned for 2022

This new Kadjar will be unveiled to the public in spring 2022, probably during the Motor Show – if it takes place – for sale in the summer or at the start of September 2022.

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