2023 BMW X6 Facelift, Photos & Details

The house through the window. This is how those from Munich begin with the facelift of the luxurious and sporty BMW X6. The SUV coupé will receive a package of improvements in the middle of its commercial life cycle, which is scheduled for 2023. Major news, especially in the interior, as these spy photos show two large screens inherited from the BMW iX.

The third generation of the BMW X6 was presented in July 2019 and put on sale immediately. It has been on the market for a year and a half, but the manufacturer has launched a more than interesting test unit of the most luxurious sports SUV, hunted in winter tests in northern Europe.

The spy photos do not show any camouflage on the outside, keeping all the elements intact, except the headlights that, although they maintain their original shape, the optical groups are the provisional ones that are mounted on the mules and prototypes in very early stages. developmental. Logical that camouflaged parts and panels are not appreciated, because the X6 LCI 2023, as the BMW facelift is known, is expected in the summer of 2023. So, these spy photos?

The interior of the BMW X6 Facelift, expected in 2023, will give an important saint with an almost completely new interior

2023 BMW X6

They are very interesting, especially the look they have taken inside. And if you look closely, the two curved screens of the new BMW iX have been moved. A design that is a surprise, because until now we had only seen this interesting novelty on board prototypes of completely new models, such as the i4, i3 for China, and the BMW 2 Series Active TourerIt means it will also carry over to face washes.

It is perfectly appreciated how it is in a very basic condition, with the old instrument panel hidden behind a panel and with all the controls to cut the current and the temporary ignition of the engine placed behind the screens. Furthermore, it also leads one to wonder if the rest of the dashboard will be reworked.

2023 BMW X6

For now, the images show a sticker that indicates that the automatic climate control controls do not work – the configuration is done from the screens – and the transmission tunnel also presents new features. Goodbye to the traditional gear lever, which will be replaced by a much smaller one. More advanced equipment that the German brand can implement in mid-2023 when the mid-life update is presented or will take advantage of a previous retrofit to offer it. Rendering;Motor.es

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