2023 Ford Mustang New Details of the sports car

Ford confirms that there will be a new generation of one of its sports icons, the Mustang, a vehicle that will be presented in 2023. Here are all the secrets of the new “muscle car”.

Fans of purebred sports vehicles are in luck since, in the last few hours, the American brand Ford has confirmed that there will be a new generation of one of its icons: the Mustang.

According to the most recent information published on Social Networks and in the North American media, the new generation (the seventh with internal denomination code S650) of the Ford Mustang will be presented, in all probability, in mid-April 2023, while its commercialization It would not start until the end of that year or as early as 2024.

The oval firm itself has also just confirmed that it will build the next-generation Mustang at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan. As part of this long-awaited announcement, the American automaker released an image suggesting that the new muscle car will be sold with a manual transmission.

The choice of this technical resource is a wink for the most ardent followers of both this model and the rest of the most passionate sports vehicles. The Toyota brand has also confirmed the manual transmission for the Supra, while Nissan did the same for the new generation of its “Z” sports car.

2023 Ford Mustang

In the announcement made by the American brand itself, you can see the legendary logo of the Mustang with the words 7th Generation above. In the letter “O” of the word “generation”, you can see the gear pattern of a six-speed manual transmission.

2023 Ford Mustang Engine

Sources close to the American brand itself have anticipated that the next generation of this sports car could incorporate new and unprecedented variants with hybrid technology that would be based on the new evolutions of the 5.0 V8 and 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder engines. As for types of traction and according to versions, the “classic” propulsion (to the rear wheels) or a new four-wheel drive should be offered.

In terms of design, everything indicates that the new S650 model should essentially maintain a large part of the essence of the sixth generation vehicle with a long hood, long overhangs for the front and rear parts, and a type roof. floating. On the other hand, some aesthetic details of the Mach-E SUV should also be present in the new image of the 2023 Mustang.

2023 Mustang Interior

About the interior, its configuration should continue to offer a cabin for four occupants. Behind the steering wheel, an instrument panel with a digital screen should be incorporated, while in the central area of ​​the dashboard another large digital touch screen should offer all the functions and information of the multimedia navigation system, connectivity, and on-board entertainment. On the other hand, as advanced by some spy images, the center console would not completely dispense with the physical buttons, some of them being present for certain systems and functions.

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