2023 Genesis G90 Don’t come to Europe

Genesis has presented its new upper-class model. The second generation of the 2023 Genesis G90 comes onto the Korean market. We have pictures and information for you.

Although the last generation of the 2023 Genesis G90 was only introduced in 2018, the upper-class model is already getting a new version. The model is getting some updates. Read on for more details.

  • First official pictures of the G90
  • New front section
  • Very thin headlights
  • Also available as a long version
  • V6 engine with 380 hp
  • Don’t come to Europe


The huge chest grille, which is framed by the very narrow, two-line headlights, is very noticeable. This makes it look very elegant and of high quality – it can compete with European upper-class models. The bonnet and fenders are connected, there are no gaps between the parts, which also looks high-quality.

A ribbon of windows was attached around the passenger compartment, something the previous model did not yet have. This is probably because four window elements have now been installed and not just three. Retractable door handles contribute to the aerodynamics and the two-line design is resumed at the rear and the Genesis lettering also finds its place there.

2023 Genesis G90

The G90 is offered in two versions: standard and long versions. The long version has a wheelbase that has been increased by 190 millimeters, which gives the rear passenger a good deal more space inside. The longer wheelbase is also visually striking and almost makes the G90 a bit of a VIP transport vehicle.


Genesis has yet to disclose what’s under the hood of the G90. We speculate a bit and think a V8 engine is unlikely. A four-cylinder gasoline engine with an output of 304 hp for entry-level and 380 hp from a V6 engine as the top version appears realistic.

2023 Genesis G90

An electric variant with two electric motors on the front and rear axles – like the G80 Electrified – would also be expected. There could be 370 hp.

2023 Genesis G90 Price

One thing in advance: the G90 will not come to Europe. The reason for this could be that the European market for luxury sedans is rather difficult. Even established manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi, or BMW have problems getting their luxury sleds to men or women.

It is not yet known what the car will cost in Korea.

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