2023 Honda CR-V Revealed in the US

The Honda CR-V reaches its sixth generation for the 2023 model, with the mission of remaining the best-selling SUV / Crossover in the United States. It comes with an improved hybrid variant.

Think about where you were 25 or 27 years ago… some weren’t even born. 27 years ago, Honda introduced what would eventually become its most popular model, the CR-V, which would also be one of the pioneers that would mark the reigning trend of the modern market: the Monocoque Crossovers. The CR-V first arrived in North America in 1997, 25 years ago; Since then, it has steadily climbed to become not only the brand’s most popular model but also the best-selling SUV/Crossover in the United States.

2023 Honda CR-V, off-road look

Now, the sixth generation arrives with a much rougher appearance. Forget tapered or “jelly-mold”-style bodies, the new 2023 Honda CR-V looks massive, emulating an off-roader (we hope TrailSport variant ), just like its Passport and Ridgeline siblings, with a windshield set back further. The front is dominated by a more vertically positioned hexagonal grille, with long headlights emerging from it; It’s not a groundbreaking fix, but Honda manages to give it its own identity, especially with the trim on the fascia.

Put to look for a touch of genetic identity that refers to the previous generation, the CR-V 2023 retains an elevation at the end of the belt line, although much less pronounced. More recognizable are the skulls, with a step that frames the medallion, which seems to be larger -we will check it in due course-, while the gate looks less convex in its lower middle part. The (perhaps suggested) dual exhausts are more noticeable, and the wheels are 18- to 19-inches.

2023 Honda CR-V interior

2023 Honda CR-V Interior

The interior of the 2023 Honda CR-V also looks more mature, with a more horizontal arrangement that is reminiscent of – though not a copy of – the more recent generations of the Civic and HR-V. The infotainment screen (7-9”) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto has been moved to the top, keeping large redundant physical controls (thanks), while the air vents run in a horizontal strip that crosses the dash from side to side. to side, The center console, with a nine-liter compartment, retains the raised lever, although it no longer looks like that of a minivan, and the 7” digital instrument panel is standard.

Equipment on the 2023 CR-V

2023 Honda CR-V

It can integrate induction charging and a 12-speaker Bose sound system. Honda promises a revised Honda Sensing driver assistance system, with improved cameras and radars, blind-spot monitoring, driver attention monitoring, rear occupant alert, traffic jam assist, low-speed braking control, and sign recognition of traffic. It also integrates 10 airbags.

Measurements and structure

2023 Honda CR-V

In keeping with today’s “gigantism,” the 2023 Honda CR-V is 2.7 inches (6.9 cm) longer and gains 1.6 inches (4 cm) in wheelbase, giving it more room for the rear bench, with eight recline angles. Cargo space reaches 36.3 cubic feet (1,028 liters), the most in the model’s history; 76.5 pc with reclining bench. Honda promises 15% improved torsional stiffness, five stars in NHTSA testing, and Top Safety Pick+ in the IIHS, we’ll be watching.

2023 Honda CR-V


Retains the 190-hp179-lb-ft turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a CVT transmission, with optional AWD, hill descent control, and Eco, Normal, and Snow drive modes for EX and EX grades -LFor Sport and Sport Touring models, the new star of the 2023 CR-V lineup will be the revised hybrid system, which is based on a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle engine, assisted by two electric motors, with a combined 204 horsepower. and, more importantly, 247 lb-ft, available from 2,000 rpm; adds the Sport driving mode. With this arrangement, the towing capacity reaches 1,000 pounds.

Honda CR-V 2023, very soon

Like many brands, Honda is promising a fully electrified future range, though we’re yet to hear of a 100% electric model or equivalent. The CR-V is so successful in North America that there are three plants to build it: Indiana, Ohio, and Canada. The 2023 Honda CR-V will arrive at dealers this summer in its gasoline variants, while the hybrid versions will do the same before the end of the year. The brand is confident that it will remain the best-selling Crossover SUV, and we hope to be able to handle it soon to verify its arguments.

“As the best-selling SUV in America for the past 25 years, the Honda CR-V has played a critical role in our past, but what’s significant about the new CR-V is the important role it will play in our future, where the hybrid CR-V will account for about 50% of sales,” said Mike Kistemaker, assistant vice president of sales for Honda at American Honda. “ Sleeker, stronger, more technological, and more fun to drive, this sixth-generation CR-V will be the best in its class in a large segment where it matters.”

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