2023 Mercedes E-Class (W214) Spotted On Test Drive

It wasn’t long ago that the current E-Class was updated – but a heavily camouflaged copy of the new W214 model generation is already on test drives. We have information and pictures.

Although the E-Class only recently received a facelift, we have already seen a test car of the new model with the internal name W214 drive. We have pictures and information about the new E-Class generation.

  • New Mercedes E-Class model (W214) spotted
  • Market launch expected for 2023
  • Only four and six cylinders
  • AMG models only with four-cylinder
  • Convertible version planned as CLE
  • Equipment and design based on the S-Class

Exterior design

How could it be otherwise? When designing the new E-Class, of course, an example was taken from the S-Class. You can see narrower headlights and the LED daytime running eyeliner under still strong camouflage. The bonnet star will probably be dropped for the next generation and the power domes can no longer be seen on the Erlkönig pictures.

A look at the rear also reveals that the lights are getting smaller and if it stays that way with the production model, you will no longer see exhaust tailpipe trims, but rather hide the exhaust system behind the apron.

2023 Mercedes E-Class

The classic handles will probably be replaced by retractable ones and that will also be the end of the bead that previously ran over the handles – at least the pictures no longer give any guess.


As far as the drives are concerned, E-Class fans have to adjust to downsizing. There will only be four- and six-cylinder models; the eight-cylinder models have had their day. But they still stick to gasoline and diesel models, and customers still have a choice here. Those who opt for a four-cylinder also have a 48-volt electrical system with them and can expect up to 272 hp and 400 Nm of torque from the gasoline engine.

2023 Mercedes E-Class

With diesel, you get a little more Newton meters, namely 550, but a little less power – here it gets 265 hp. In the six-cylinder with 2.9-liter, up to 435 hp is possible for the gasoline engine. The diesel still has an output of 330 hp.

AMG fans should take a deep breath now because only four-cylinder units are used for the sport variants. As a performance plug-in hybrid model, the AMG 53 and 63 versions still deliver over 600 hp and should be able to cover a whopping 100 kilometers purely electrically with the additional battery.

2023 Mercedes E-Class interior

As far as the interior is concerned, you will see a lot from the S-Class in the new E-Class. Safety assistants are brought up to date and the E-Class should also be able to drive autonomously after level 3. A large touchscreen and better voice control should also come, as well as an improved virtual display on the instrument cluster, there could also be a 3D representation. Of course, the MBUX infotainment system will also be brought up to date.

2023 Mercedes E-Class

2023 Mercedes E-Class Price

The new E-Class generation W214 is expected for 2023. The market launch could even take place in 2024. At the moment it is too early for prices, we will keep you up to date.

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