2023 Mercedes GLC Review & All Details

So Mercedes doesn’t dare to surprise so many customers with an excessive number of accents that would differentiate the SUV from the sedan. There are changes in the details. A camera at the front shows what the path under the front axle is like. Mercedes didn’t invent the idea of ​​a “transparent bonnet,” Land Rover had it back in 2014. This can be quite helpful off-road, although the new Mercedes GLC with the appropriate tires is probably capable of more there than the majority of customers will ever demand.

More space than before

Of course, there are certain further developments compared to the previous GLC. The air resistance is lower, which should help to reduce fuel consumption on the freeway. At 4.72 m, the SUV is around 6 cm longer than before, while also being slightly lower. The trunk has increased by around 50 liters to 600 liters, and the passengers in the rear should also have a little more space than before. An optional air suspension should offer more comfort, and rear-axle steering, which is also subject to a surcharge, should offer more agility. surprises, because almost everything is known from the C-Class.

Daring in design, bold in the drives, surprising in the details: the new GLC is none of that. Almost everything is known from the C-Class presented in 2021. This is not surprising, because globally no Mercedes has sold as well as this SUV in recent years. So it was obvious to continue this concept. Because the strategists can count on continuing to address the target group in this way.

Infotainment MBUX

The progress in infotainment is not quite as great as in the C-Class, because unlike in the sedan, the modern MBUX system was already in the old GLC. The current generation is installed in the new one, which has much more powerful hardware and an even larger screen. Mercedes is investing a lot of money and commitment in this area. The result is not only a largely intuitive operation but also voice control that you can do something with. Even in 2022, this is by no means a matter of course.

2023 Mercedes GLC

2023 Mercedes GLC Engines

The range of engines, which is almost identical to that of the C-Class, is also almost completely free of surprises. At the start, two petrol engines with 150 and 190 kW, plus a diesel with 147 kW. At least the GLC 300d with 195 kW should follow shortly after the start of sales. All of these engines are accompanied by a mild hybrid, which has a maximum of 15 kW in the lower speed range via a 48-volt starter generator. All-wheel drive and an automatic torque converter with nine gears are, as before, standard in all GLCs.

2023 Mercedes GLC

The range of plug-in hybrids is comparatively broad. Two combined Mercedes with gasoline engines, one with a diesel engine. The electric motor always delivers 95 kW, and the system output is scaled via the combustion engine. In the GLC 300e (petrol engine), the customer can draw on a total of 230 kW, in the GLC 300de (diesel) on an expected maximum of 242 kW. Still quite new in the C-Class is the option for even more power in a PHEV, which is also moving into the GLC. As a 400e, it offers 280 kW.

PHEV with a large battery and DC charging

2023 Mercedes GLC

It is probably more important for customers that Mercedes is one of the manufacturers who put little gristle in the way of the electric use of plug-in hybrids in everyday life. At 31.2 kWh, the battery is not only comparatively large but can also be charged quickly with 11 kW three-phase alternating current and a maximum of 55 kW direct current – at least compared to most other PHEVs. Unlike almost all of its competitors, Mercedes is, therefore, better prepared for the times when plug-in hybrids have to assert themselves on the market without purchase premiums.

2023 Mercedes GLC interior

2023 Mercedes GLC Price

Nevertheless, of course, the preparations for further GLC offshoots have long been underway. This will include the coupé as well as the AMG versions, which will in the future be based on a two-liter petrol engine. A battery-electric version of the GLC, which could then be called EQC, should also be in preparation. Mercedes has not yet announced prices for the new GLC, but the SUV will no longer be available in Germany for less than 50,000 euros.

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