2023 Mercedes GLE spy shot on test drive

Discovered on a test drive: A fresh 2023 Mercedes GLE Coupé turned around in camouflage clothing near Stuttgart, but could not escape the watchful eyes of the photographers. Find out what is already known besides the potential look of the new GLE Coupé here!

Nobody is safe from them: SUV stars and premium carriages like the Mercedes GLE Coupé fall victim to paparazzi and are unconsciously photographed. We don’t think that’s bad, at least we can provide you with the latest pictures and information.

  • Facelift of the 2023 Mercedes GLE Coupé spotted on a test drive
  • GLE Coupé in the Group’s range since 2019
  • Prototype with tuning from AMG
  • Revised infotainment expected
  • Current connectivity
  • Facelift expected in 2023

Exterior design

In the current pictures of our little spies, the pimped up GLE Coupé already shows a lot of bare skin. But we still don’t get really smart from the photos, because the places where the changes are usually most visible have been skilfully covered with camouflage film by the GLE Coupé. Despite its camouflage, you can already see that AMG put a lot of effort into the facelift of the SUV coupé.

The grille doesn’t seem to have shrunk or grown compared to the current model. Instead of the one distinctive cross strut, there are several vertical struts. However, this piece of design also bears the signature of AMG, because vertical inserts also dominate the image of the radiator grille in the Mercedes GLE Coupé AMG that is currently being bought.

In order to avoid premature design joys, the headlights were masked both at the front and at the back with the infamous camouflage film – however, the wild speculations cannot be avoided.

2023 Mercedes GLE

We suspect that Mercedes will remain largely faithful to the current headlight design, but selective changes such as a tapered end are conceivable.

The fact that AMG must have had a hand in it can be seen in particular from the tailpipes. This is also one of the larger discernible deviations from the current GLE Coupé model: Instead of two angular pipes on the right and left, two pipes adorn the rear of the SUV on each side of the facelift.

2023 Mercedes GLE Interior and technical data

So far, only pictures of the outer tin can be shown of the newly launched GLE Coupé. The interior remains hidden, but it is more than certain that Mercedes will not want to do without high-quality materials as well as high-quality seats and comfortable driving comfort.

In addition, it is more or less clear that the GLE Coupé will be equipped with a brand new infotainment system. Whether this will continue to be the current MBUX system cannot be ruled out. But then there will be considerable technical innovations. The car should also set standards in terms of connectivity.

2023 Mercedes GLE


On the part of the motorization, the speculation cannot really be fueled, because Mercedes is keeping a low profile in this regard. But one thing should be clear: a lot of horsepower and more than sufficient propulsion should be in the GLE Coupé program.

2023 Mercedes GLE Prices and start of sales

Good things take time: Although the Mercedes GLE Coupé looks in the current pictures as if it is in a relatively advanced stage of development, its official launch is not expected to take place until 2023.

Information about the price has not leaked due to the long waiting time. The current GLE Coupé model is currently available from around 75,000 euros, which is why similar price ranges are conceivable. Maybe Mercedes is setting a tick higher to illustrate the development work that has gone into the new GLE Coupé.

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