2023 Nissan Z Classic and modern lines together

Nissan has unveiled the seventh generation of the Nissan Z while respecting its long and rich heritage. Style, power, and driving pleasure remain the keystones of the car.

With more than 50 years of experience, the Nissan Z remains one of the strongest symbols of Japanese sports cars. Each of the previous six generations is significant in its way, but for 2023, we are recovering a collection of elements from the past for a well-deserved tribute.

Nissan has made a worldwide unveiling on its YouTube channel of the new and seventh generation of its Z coupe. until recently, we used to talk about the 370Z, it is now just the Z. We therefore no longer refer to the displacement with a number that precedes the legendary Z.

Nod to 1969

On the aesthetic level, the racing car is evolving greatly but remains very faithful to its past. At the front, we maintain the rectangular grille, but the latter gains in size compared to the 370Z. For the headlights, their shape is unprecedented, but the two semi-circular bands integrated into the optical units are reminiscent of the first generations of the Z in the 1960s and 1970s.

The legacy of the roofline

2023 Nissan Z

In profile, the Z has always been a model of proportion with a fairly long hood and a very elusive and very short roofline. This approach sends the cab closer to the rear axle. Like the 370Z, as soon as you pass the windshield, the roofline collapses. It should be noted that the hood, doors, and tailgate are changed to aluminum to lighten the car.

A little bit of 300ZX

2023 Nissan Z

When you arrive at the rear, you step back in time, the approach finds its inspiration in the 300ZX of the 1990s. The lights take the form of small pellets integrated within a black plastic wall lamp. Once again, the nod to the past is successful. Lower down, Nissan adds a massive strip of black plastic that covers most of the bumper. The latter also serves as a seat for the two well-rounded exhaust pipes. Nissan will offer 7 standard color choices, including 5 with a black roof, namely Rocky Grays, Seiran Blue, Ikazuchi Yellow, Passion Red, and Everest White. The other two, Diamond Black and Industrial Bronze are monochrome. For rims, the base model comes with 18-inch rims while 19-inch RAYS rims will be optional.

2023 Nissan Z Interior

2023 Nissan Z Interior

In the cabin, we move into the modern era with the integration of up-to-date technologies. In the batch, we obtain a 100% digital instrumentation with multiple configuration possibilities, including several performance-related data. Sports driving enthusiasts will like it. We also offer a higher dashboard that combines the 8-inch multimedia screen including the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications.

Extremely important for the respect of the past, the three typical dials sit at the top of the dashboard, providing information on the turbocharger boost, the speed of the turbocharging turbine, and the battery voltage.

Turbocharging is coming

Technically, the Z remains strict propulsion, we resist the temptation to go with an all-wheel drive. As with the previous generation, the Z looks to Infiniti for its engine. In this case, it is the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 with power reaching 400 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 350 lb-ft of torque between 1,600 and 5,600 rpm that is chosen. Good news for driving enthusiasts, the 6-speed manual gearbox survives the change of generation and even renews the synchronization of the engine revolution as an option. Of course, an automatic will also be available as an option and the latter has no less than 9 reports.

2023 Nissan Z

2023 Nissan Z Price

The new Z will arrive in Canada early next year as a 2023 model. Nissan will offer two versions of the Z, either the Sport Z or the Performance Z. In the case of the latter, it will be possible to opt for the Proto Z option with additional equipment like yellow calipers, RAYS rims, and yellow decorations in the cabin to recall the Z Proto unveiled a few months ago.

2023 Nissan Z

For now, Nissan has been stingy on whether a Roadster version will be produced again. However, we know that a Z Nismo is in the works, but no date has been put forward. In terms of price, Nissan Canada will unveil the pricing closer to the arrival of the car in concession. To maintain accessibility, we hope that it will remain below the $ 50,000 mark like the sixth generation.

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