2023 Porsche Panamera Review and Details

The update that the Porsche Panamera will receive in the coming months will delay the launch of the new generation. The third of the sports saloon, which has all the signs of becoming electric in 2024. Today, a high percentage of sales correspond to the plug-in hybrid versions, which will accelerate its transformation, and of which we show you a preview in form recreation.

Porsche has ensured that a high percentage of sales of the Panamera is of the plug-in hybrid versions, a combination of performance and efficiency that reaches an explosive level in the case of the Turbo S E-Hybrid. The German firm had the intention of converting the sports saloon to this propulsion in its third generation that was scheduled for 2023. But there is interesting news about it.

And it is that its maximum rivals will also become electric. The Audi Landjet, a replacement for the A8, is one of them, the future 5 Series and 7 Series will have up to three electric versions each, and Bentley also works on a similar model. A factor to take into account, and that Porsche values, in addition to assuming that the sales of the plug-in hybrid Panamera open the door wide to a total transformation that is only one step away, one more step. We anticipate the first preview of the future Porsche Panamera Electric in this recreation.

The future Porsche Panamera Electric, a more practical alternative to the Taycan

The sports brand will not radically transform aesthetics but will be an evolved design as in the current and previous generation, although new features will be implemented. The silhouette will not change excessively, other than due to an increase in the wheelbase and a lower height. Of course, the front will inherit details from the Taycan, with a much cleaner front and a reduced grill to a minimum, while under the headlights it will have openings to direct the flow of air into the wheel arches.

2023 Porsche Panamera

At the rear, Panamera Electric will also adopt the more modern image of the pilots, simplified to a few thin strands of LEDs stretched between the ends of the rear. A more modern look on all four sides, which will continue to preserve the main essence of the Panamera that customers like so much. And with the plus that it is a five-door with a hatchback, so it will not step on the terrain of the Taycan, which Oliver Blume has also recently pointed out regarding possible cannibalization between the models.

If it is confirmed that the Panamera will be transformed into an electric one, the future model will be the second of the brand to use the PPE platform, which allows mounting up to four electric motors with a maximum power of 1,000 kW. A figure equivalent to 1,359 CV, and as far as the Taycan does not go. Wild but possible figures. Under the bodywork, it will have a new generation of batteries, releasing solid-state batteries, of which the manufacturer has already estimated to have them ready by the middle of the decade; even advance them a year and be able to exceed a thousand kilometers.

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