Skoda Kamiq 2023 Facelift of the Small SUV

The  Skoda Kamiq 2023 will be a slight renewal for the model, a  facelift. It will involve changes at the design level, to catch up with the rest of the Czech brand’s catalog and also that of its competitors. But in addition, it will also bring other relevant novelties in the section of mechanical configurations and, of course, in its equipment.

The Czech brand is currently undergoing an important process of renewing its range. Several of its models are receiving key updates to improve the brand’s position in the European market. Skoda has a solid growth strategy in the Old Continent, and the renewal of the  Skoda Kamiq will be a  key move to continue advancing in this objective. The  Skoda Kamiq 2023  is not going to be a big change, but rather an update, and with this recreation, we advance what its design will be. Let’s also see what other changes it will bring with it.

What’s new in the Skoda Kamiq 2023, what will change, and what will not?

The update of the model, in the form of the  Skoda Kamiq 2023, will follow the same line as the restyling of the Skoda Karoq. That is to say, it will bring aesthetic changes in sections such as the headlights or the bumpers. In the headlights, we will see a somewhat more stylized and sporty design, with more slanted optics and, of course, LED technology. And in the bumpers, the front will have some new air intakes both in the central part and in the lateral ends.

What is going to change the most aesthetically, as usually happens, is the front. In this restyling, a  new grill will also be introduced that, above all, will seek to bring the style closer to that of the Skoda Enyaq. The  Skoda Kamiq 2023, as has happened with the recently renewed Karoq, will have a style more similar to the design language that the electric model has released. However, at the rear, there will be rather few changes. The pilots will remain identical, but the lighting drawing will be changed to differentiate the restyling from the previous version.

Skoda Kamiq 2023

And although that is not going to be seen with the naked eye, we are aware that they are doing driving tests related to technical improvements that will come with this restyling. Key optimizations both at the management level and in sections such as brakes and suspension. The changes shouldn’t be too big, but the Czech brand is working on developing the 2023 Skoda Kamiq to make it a level above the current version in terms of driving. And that, of course, is also important.

Inside this restyling there will be important improvements also in the materials, new combinations of color and upholstery will be introduced. It is also expected that the equipment of each of the finishes will improve. And in the mechanical section, the new Kamiq will be affected by the improvements in the 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI Evo2 engines. Of course, also the changes that have been carried out in the six-speed manual gearbox and the DSG, dual-clutch automatic, with seven relationships. Less CO2 emissions, as in the Karoq, and lower consumption in all its mechanical versions. Photo; LArgus

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