2024 BMW X5 legendary SUV has more electric range

The BMW X5 updates inside and its plug-in hybrid mechanical variant. Among its most outstanding novelties are a new design, more power, and greater electrical range.

Just a few days ago, Mercedes decided to update its large plug-in hybrid SUV in the E segment, the GLE in its SUV and SUV Coupé format. Now, BMW does the same with its models that compete face-to-face with those of the star’s firm: the BMW X5 and BMW X6. However, in this facelift, the only vehicle that has obtained a plug-in hybrid variant has been the BMW X5 under the new name xDrive50e, which has won in all its different specifications.

In the first place, it’s an external image. This has been conveniently modified, although it is not an aesthetic revolution, but rather an evolution concerning what was previously presented. This is because this renewal is a mid-cycle overhaul (restyling), not a new generation.

On its front, the  BMW X5  has new, more stylized LED headlights and is in line with the rest of the range of the German manufacturer. These are now 35mm thinner than the previous model. Optionally, you can offer Matrix LED headlights with adaptive control. Its particular kidneys have also been redone, offering a more modern image; now they can get the famous front LED backlighting, called BMW Iconic Glow, which gives it that distinctive look. Finally, the bumper design has been thoroughly reworked.

In the profile, the increase in the size of the air outlet placed behind the front axle stands out, as well as the satin aluminum touches on its heels. At the rear, the visual retouching of its optical groups that obtain double L-shaped lighting, as well as a slight redesign of its bumper and diffuser, also in satin aluminum.

2024 BMW X5

Inside the refreshed BMW X5 plug-in hybrid is the new BMW Curved Display widescreen dashboard and the BMW ID8 operating system. This panel is divided into two parts: one for the digital instrument panel at 12.3 inches and another for the infotainment at 14.9 inches. In this update, the model continues to feature the physical iDrive controller but focuses more on tactile interaction by significantly reducing the number of physical buttons. In addition, its well-known gear lever now becomes a small selector very similar to that of other new models from the firm.

2024 BMW X5

The rest of the elements hardly suffer significant modifications. It includes standard Comfort seats or, optionally, ones with a sportier image. The interior upholstery will initially be made of Sensafil (synthetic leather), although other leather finishes with new shades can be chosen as an option. In decorative terms, it adopts a new LED lighting next to the passenger seat and the “X5” inscription.

2024 BMW X5

Finally, in the engine section, as we have already mentioned above, the BMW X5 xDrive50e will be the name that welcomes the plug-in hybrid variant and the completely new one. This version is made up of a latest-generation inline six-cylinder gasoline engine with 313 hp, and an electrical system integrated into the eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission that gets up to 197 hp of power. The union of both presents a maximum power of 490 CV and 700 Nm of maximum torque; this is an increase of 96 hp and 100 Nm over the previous model.

2024 BMW X5

On the other hand, the electrical system is powered by a high-voltage battery with a 25.7 kWh capacity (a 25% increase over the previous version). It has a maximum electric range of up to 110 kilometers, according to WLTP cycle approval. The recharge can be carried out at a power of up to 7.4 kW. With all this, the new BMW X5 xDrive50e can carry the DGT ZERO label.

2024 BMW X5

The rest of the range consists of two gasoline alternatives of 381 and 530 CV or diesel with 298 CV. In any case, these more “classic” engines are supported by a small 48V mild-hybrid electrical system that gives them the long-awaited DGT ECO label.

2024 BMW X5 interior

The renewal of the BMW X5 xDrive50e will arrive at dealerships around the world from next April 2023. Its starting price for the Spanish market will be 97,700 euros. The manufacture of this will continue to take place at the Spartanburg plant, United States.

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