2024 GMC Sierra HD Unveiled With New Design

Competition in the big-capacity, the full-size truck segment is as fierce as it is in the 1500 class. After Ford unveiled the next-generation Super Duty, and Chevrolet announced changes to its Silverado HD, is GM‘s turn to launch its 2024 Sierra HD. On the menu, are new versions, a revamped interior, and aesthetic improvements.

2022 was the model year in which the Denali Ultimate and AT4X trims debuted in the 1500 series. It was only a matter of time before the HD series got them, and it will be for the 2024 model year.

The Denali Ultimate is the one that sits squarely at the top of the range, even more, luxurious than the Denali. The use of full-grain leather for the door panels, dashboard, and seats, 16-way massage seats, 12-speaker audio system, 15-inch head-up display, and rear-view mirror camera are some of the features added by this level of equipment. Outside, exclusive 20-inch wheels and some unique “Vader chrome” color accents are also included, as is the MultiPro rocker panel.

Very few details are however revealed on the AT4X, given the fact that it will arrive after all the other versions. As is the case with the Sierra 1500, hopefully, this build will be the pinnacle of the regular AT4 build. The equipment will be abundant on board and some additions will be made in terms of mechanics, to improve off-road capabilities.

2024 GMC Sierra HD

2024 GMC Sierra HD New style

If there’s one aspect that needed fixing, it’s the interior of HD trucks. The whole presentation is completely renewed for all versions (except the Pro) with a new dashboard which includes, as an option, 12.3-inch digital instrumentation but above all an optional 13.4-inch multimedia screen, placed in landscape orientation, which takes place in the center. All versions (except the Pro) benefit from the Google suite and the layout of the applications on the screen is fully customizable.

2024 GMC Sierra HD

In addition to this interior, some changes are made to the exterior presentation. This is particularly the case with the modernized front with a new grille, a new bumper, and a unique style approach to each version. The wheels are also reworked as the color offered. Choosing one of the seven versions will also have an impact on the presentation of the cabin. The Pro retains the old interior while the SLE and SLT receive the new interior. Moving the AT4 and Denali upgrades the finish, while the new Denali Ultimate and AT4X are even more luxurious with more leather and specific wood accents.

2024 GMC Sierra HD

Improved mechanics

The base engine remains the 6.6-liter V8 with 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque, which is now paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, replacing the old six-speed transmission for better power exploitation. To benefit from the greatest performance, you must nevertheless opt for the 6.6-liter V8 turbodiesel which produces 470 horsepower at 2,800 rpm and 975 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm, also mated to a 10-speed automatic. reports.

2024 GMC Sierra HD

It is also this engine that makes it possible to reach colossal figures in terms of capacities, with 10,227 kg (22,500 lb) for the 2500 HD model – an increase of 1,818 kg (4,000 lb) – or even 16,363 kg (36,000 lb) for the 3500 HD with dual wheels. Unsurprisingly, the entire security and camera suite to facilitate work are present, with among other things the possibility of having 14 cameras that assist driving with a trailer.

2024 GMC Sierra HD interior

2024 GMC Sierra HD Price

Pricing for the 2024 GMC Sierra HD has not yet been announced, but the first units will arrive in the first quarter of 2023. The AT4X version will arrive later this year.

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