2024 VW Tiguan spotted on test drives

The third-generation Tiguan model was photographed during the first test drives. The current Tiguan generation has been around for quite a while, and in 2020 the compact SUV got a facelift. But slowly it is time for a new model. A test car has already made its rounds.

  • New Tiguan model spotted on test drives
  • 3rd generation is expected in 2024
  • Combustion and hybrid drive
  • Design features of ID. models
  • Interior with a lot of technology

Exterior design

The first pictures of the new Tiguan generation don’t show much. What is clear, however, is that VW will produce its popular compact SUV for as long as possible. That’s why a new model will be coming, which will be visually based on the ID. models.

This applies above all to the LED headlights and taillights, which will span the entire width of the vehicle. You can also see structured covers for the air intakes and the surface will be designed more rounded.

Overall, the new Tiguan will have a sportier and more dynamic look than the current model. The external dimensions will be largely retained.

2024 VW Tiguan

Technical data and engines

The photographed version is a combustion engine model. VW will certainly continue to build internal combustion engines for the Tiguan, but hybrid versions are also safe – this is already available for the current model.

It is still very uncertain what VW is planning in terms of full electrification for the Tiguan. The platform for the Tiguan is the MQB Evo platform, which will certainly not be completely redesigned until the ban on combustion engines, but only revised. In the course of this, we could imagine that this platform could be further developed and that the Tiguan could also be offered as a fully electric version a result.

2024 VW Tiguan

Something like this has already been done very successfully with the e-Golf in the past. But these are just speculations at the moment.

VW Tiguan interior

The interior of the new Tiguan will be very different from that of the current model. Here you will find big changes, especially on the dashboard. This should be strongly technology-oriented, with a fully digital cockpit and an advanced head-up display.

2024 VW Tiguan

In addition, the Tiguan will of course be equipped with the latest safety functions and assistance systems, like all the latest VW models.

VW Tiguan prices and the start of sales

It could be that the new Tiguan will be presented in 2024 and then celebrate its market launch in 2025. Price statements are not yet possible.

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