2025 Renault Captur will have an electric version

The Renault Captur is, along with the Clio, the French brand’s main bestseller in the European market. This popular B-SUV currently has one of the most varied engine ranges in its category, as it is available in LPG, mild-hybrid (MHEV), hybrid (HEV), and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) versions.

However, Renault could go a step further in its next-generation, because according to the French medium Caradisiac, in its third installment the SUV will only be available as a hybrid (HEV and PHEV) and electric (BEV), eliminating along the way the mild-hybrid and gas variants.

Its arrival in 2025 will coincide with the approval of the new Euro 7 emission regulations, much more restrictive than the current one. The company hopes that thanks to its advanced E-TECH hybrid technology, the Captur can continue to be sold with internal combustion engines until 2030, the year in which Renault will stop selling thermal cars in the old continent to focus on pure electric.

While the Captur HEVs and PHEVs will continue to use the CMF-B modular platform, the BEV model will use its electric derivative, known as the CMF-BEV. This architecture, which will debut a year earlier with the new R5, 4L, and Nissan Micra, will allow a cost reduction of 33% compared to the current ZOE.

The Captur is one of Renault’s most important models

Although it will be slightly larger than the Megane E-TECH Electric, its price will be lower, as the hatchback sits on the more refined CMF-EV platform. Within Renault’s electric SUV offer, the Captur III will be placed between the aforementioned 4L, which will be around four meters long, and the new Scénic, which will go four and a half meters.


Since it will use the CMF-BEV platform, it is expected that, like the R5 and 4L, it will use a battery pack with NCM cells of Envision AESC origin. Its autonomy should be around 400 km WLTP. So that the R5, 4L, and Captur do not overlap in their most expensive versions with the Megane E-TECH Electric, it is expected that in a couple of years the latter will lose its EV40 variant (300 km WLTP).

Therefore, by the middle of the decade, Renault’s electric offer will be made up of the R5, 4L, Captur, Megane, and Scénic, to which we should add three Alpine models (a hot hatch, a crossover, and a sports car developed with Lotus ), the second generation of the Dacia Spring and several zero-emission vans.

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