400 kW car chargers will be Europe in 2024

Electric cars no longer have so many autonomy problems; Right now the biggest drawback is the lack of charging points and, above all, charging points that offer good powerAnd this is what E.ON wants to solve, a German company that is going to install  2,000 chargers of up to 400 kW throughout Europe in the year 2024. A strong display of very, very powerful magazines.

E.ON has announced a program by which they will install  2,000 new charging points throughout Europe in 2024 and with some really interesting features. This German company has partnered with Alpitronic, of Austrian origin, to deploy this new network of ultra-fast chargers that will reach up to  400 kW of power. This, to give us an idea, is enough power to charge a 100 kWh battery in just 15 minutes. In other words, we are talking about impressive figures that can transform mobility into an electric car.

Charge 100 kWh in just 15 minutes, this is E.ON’s 400 kW chargers for all of Europe

According to E.ON indications, this new network of ultra-fast chargers should be ready in 2024. And not only will they offer charging points for electric cars, but the facilities will also be prepared for vans and trucks. And, for long-distance routes and freight vehicles, they will be especially interesting. More than anything, reaching  400 kW is critical for vehicles with batteries with a large energy storage capacity.

But, to have a reference, at the moment the electric cars with the most battery and autonomy are around  100 kWh of battery capacity. And with a  400 kW maximum power charger, we would be talking about a  full charge in just 15 minutes. However, they are chargers that will also be prepared to serve a lower power and adapt to the compatibility of all types of cars. But offers a  minimum of 150 kW,  which is well above the maximum served by most charging points available today.

E.ON's 400 kW chargers

At the moment they have presented two charger models; one of them is under the name  HYC400, which is capable of serving a  maximum of 400 kW. And another simpler one, and that is a wall charger, called  HYC50 that serves  50 kW of power. They declare an efficiency of 97% for their charging systems, so the power losses during the charging of the battery of our electric car will be minimal. And these chargers are going to be produced by Alpitronic, a partner of E.ON, in central Europe.

If right now the situation regarding the charging network for electric cars can be improved, the situation for vans and trucks, and goods transport vehicles, in any case, is undoubtedly deficient. So this project, and others that are still in the air, but that point in the same direction will be essential to be able to transform freight transport. Thanks to this, from the year 2024 it will be easier for us to see companies that bet on electric vans and electric trucks.

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