Adam Baker presents the Audi project for F1

Adam Baker, CEO of the newly created Audi Formula Racing GmbH and Director of the Formula 1 Project, has chosen Madrid as the setting for his first worldwide intervention in front of the media. The German engineer of Australian origin explained what the steps to follow will be until the debut of the brand with the four rings in the premier category of motorsport.

On August 26, coinciding with the Spa-Francorchamps Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Belgium, Audi announced its entry into the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship in 2026. A project that is already underway, and will be based at the Audi Sports facility in Neuburg an der Donau, near Ingolstadt. 

Adam Baker especially highlighted the reasons that have led Audi to become involved in the premier category of motorsport: “It is a very attractive and ambitious project. Formula 1 is making an effort to move towards efficiency and sustainability, values ​​that fit with our brand strategy.” 

The official added that the F1 showcase also helps the brand: “F1 is a fantastic marketing and communication platform. It is the ideal competition for Audi to showcase its technical skills to an international audience in the most interesting markets, with new generations of young fans showing their passion for this competition”.

On the next steps that the brand with the four rings will face in the Formula 1 project, Baker explained: “ We have already started with the development of the propulsion system, and for the rest, we are moving forward looking for compromise solutions, because the complete technical regulations do not it will be published until 2024, where we will be able to see everything related to the chassis”, he declared. 

The CEO of the German firm announced that our country could be chosen to test the new racing cars. ” Our plans contemplate starting circuit tests in mid-2025, probably in Spain. But our entire agenda is right now in the draft phase.”

Adam Baker also highlighted how Audi is approaching such a significant challenge: “We recognize the scale of the challenge. Our advantage over other manufacturers who have tried before without success is that we have plenty of time to prepare, and the regulations start a new cycle, the biggest change F1 is going to experience in modern times.” 

He also detailed the brand’s plan in F1: “To win this competition you have to be more innovative than the competition but with fixed costs. We have a very solid long-term financial plan, and we know that having a suitable partner will be essential to think about success. Our goal is to be in a position to win races in the third year, “ he said.

Audi F1 Car

The head of the Audi Project for Formula 1 also explained that, initially, the work started with 130 people from the Audi Sport technical staff, to quickly build a team that will be made up of more than 300 members. 

Baker also pointed out the transfer of technology that may exist between Formula 1 and Audi production cars: “ High efficiency, high voltage storage systems, a new generation of the combustion engine, alternative fuels …. F1 will be an important test bed for further progress towards decarbonization.”

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