Affordable new FIAT Panda electric will arrive in 2024

FIAT has officially confirmed that on July 11, 2024, coinciding with its 125th anniversary, it will present a new utility vehicle inspired by the Centoventi Concept (2019) prototype, which in turn took some features from the original Panda of the 80s. Although the Panda It has been during its first three generations an urban segment A, in its next incarnation it will grow in size to serve as a military in segment B.

“We have room to make another model of the B segment [along with the 600] in the ‘essential’ [category]. Our offer could be adapted to another product”, says Olivier Francois, CEO of FIAT. It will be a crossover approximately 4 meters long with a “simple and smart, a bit like the Panda used to be” approach.

Everything indicates that our protagonist will derive from the new Citroën C3, which will be released a few months before. “The car you’ll see next year will be cool, popular, and affordable. ” In addition to Europe, it will also be sold in other markets such as Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, as it will be a global car.

« We need something that follows 100% European tastes but can be global. And that’s why I said there may be room for something else [in the B segment] besides the 600, which is very, very European. So, that one is cheerful, a bit retro, but the other one would be closer [to Centoventi]».

The electric FIAT Panda will be the brother of the Citroën ë-C3

Since it will be based on the CMP/eCMP platform of the Stellantis group, it will be offered with either thermal or electric motors. For cost reasons, its zero-emission version will not use the interchangeable modular batteries seen in the Centoventi, so there will only be one or two capacities available.

Fiat Concept Centoventi

Its entry-level variant will rely on affordable LFP (lithium-fluorophosphate) chemistry to keep costs down, while the top-of-the-range will use NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) cells. Its range will be around 300 and 400 km WLTP respectively. Unlike the 500e and 600e, initially, it will not have a high-performance version signed by Abarth.

Rumors indicate that the new Panda will be manufactured in Kragujevac (Serbia) or Trnava (Slovakia). Among its rivals will be the future Renault R5 and Volkswagen ID.2, which will move in a similar price range (from just under 25,000 euros before aid), as well as the smallest Dacia Spring, with which it will share its focus low-cost.

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