Alfa Romeo Mito 2023: Coming to save the brand

Alfa Romeo is at a delicate moment when it comes to its future. Vehicle registrations of the brand continue to decline in all markets and those responsible want to revive the image of Alfa Romeo. For this, Stellantis want to establish a base of premium brands, in which Lancia, DS, and Alfa Romeo will be incorporated. With this they want the brand to be able to once again represent an upward value in the European market.

For this, they are working on the launch of several models for that purpose. One of them is the Tonale SUV, which is scheduled to enter the market in 2022. Another of the tricks with which they will play in the Italian brand is to completely renew one of the best-known models, the Giuletta. But they also want to try a model that comes from their past and to which they will give a new opportunity, the Alfa Romeo Mito.

New and old models to revive the brand

The downward trend of Alfa Romeo is reflected in the data recorded in Spain. From January to September, only 1,375 units of the brand have been registered in our country. In September, only 152 units have passed through the administration, which makes it one of the brands with the least sales in our market.

With the incorporation of the Tonale, we want to reverse this trend and also include the Alfa Romeo Mito in the recovery movement. This model was already in the brand’s catalog, although it was not the success they expected. This new version of the Alfa Romeo Mito will arrive in 2023, which will be based on the Stellantis CMP platform. This base is present in the Peugeot 208 and the Opel Corsa, so it has already been tested and proven its functionality.

Alfa Romeo Mito 2023

Alfa Romeo wants to forget about all combustion engines in 2027, so the design and development of this new model will take this into account. It will not be unusual to find a fully electric version of the model, as with the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa-e. From there, there is no more information about what this recovered model can offer.

To stay on the market, Alfa Romeo has to demonstrate profitability that allows it to stay active. For this, they are preparing these two projects and some more that we will have the opportunity to see in a few months.

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