Alieno Unum is a 5000 hp hypercar priced at $4.5M

Paper supports everything and with this premise, the Bulgarian designer Alieno has presented his latest creation. The Unum an electric hypercar that has some elements worthy of science fiction, and that wants to reach the market as the fastest and most powerful on offer.

Interestingly, this is not the first time we have heard of Alieno. In 2018 they were already showing signs of life with the announcement of the Arcanum. Another was a hypercar that promised to completely revolutionize the landscape of high-performance thanks to a 5,150 hp propulsion system that would propel it up to 488 km/h. We don’t know if it has reached that speed, but we do know that it never made it to market.

Now Alieno tries it again with a new design that changes its exterior appearance, clearly taking inspiration from the works of Lamborghini. The bodywork is full of creases, air intakes, and weird-looking aerodynamic components.

Without a doubt, the absence of the A-pillar is striking, which suggests that it is a pure computer design exercise where it is not necessary to respect the physical or structural limits.

But the appearance is nothing compared to what they want to offer mechanically. The Alieno will have two powertrain variants: one will be the THF, which stands for ‘The Heavenly Founder’ which is powered by electric motors, and the second will be the TRS (The Rocket Successor) which will feature air propellers in true style of the Tesla Roadster from Space X.

Alieno Unum

The electric version will have up to four different versions: the RP2 will mount 12 electric motors (three per wheel) and a power of 2,610 CV, the RP3 with 3,481 CV, the RP4 with 4,351 CV, and the “top of the range” RP5, which will mount no less than 27 electric motors, six per wheel, and that will achieve a power of 5221 CV.

For those that are not enough, the TRS version retains the 24 electric motors of the THF but adds a system of cold-air rocket propellants with variable geometry and 3D printed using titanium, steel and Inconel.

Alieno Unum

The manufacturer indicates that these propellers are located under the different air intakes so that they are not seen and do not break the aesthetics of the vehicle, and in addition to helping with acceleration, they can also work to improve stability and even reverse their flow and help in the braking.

The architecture will be 800V, which will make it possible to achieve high recharging power figures. There will be up to three different battery packs, in all cases made up of LiPo cells with graphene and supercapacitors, with capacities of between 60 kWh for the circuit version, and 120 kWh for the intermediate one, or 180 kWh for the most capable. 

An architecture that will allow you to access charging powers of up to 2.7 MW, which according to the manufacturer will allow you to recover autonomy from 0 to 80% in 3.2 minutes.

Alieno Unum

According to Alieno’s boss, Unum’s design is complete, as are the permits for its new production line to take place in Tuhovishta, Bulgaria. The company says it hopes to see its first hypercars on the road between 2024 and 2027 and is already collecting investments such as reserves that allow it to accumulate €9 million, or 10% of the value of the company, to start up the first lines. of production.

If you are interested, you should know that prices start at 1.8 million dolars for the cheapest version, up to 2.7 million for the most expensive. If we do not want to go cheap and prefer to go for the variant with air propellers, the budget will have to rise to between 3 and $4.5M.

So now you know, if you are hesitating between a Dacia Spring, a Renault Twingo ZE, or a FIAT 500e as your future car, add the Alieno Unum to your possible candidates.

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