Alpine A110 E-ternité Revealed with 240 HP

The prototype of the 100% electric sports car debuts at the French GP: 240 HP that anticipates a future that until yesterday seemed impossible

A year full of birthdays, this 2022: the Honda Civic celebrates half a century of life, as well as the more compact Renault 5, which we drove a few weeks ago in the countryside of northern France. And always in those parts we remain, to celebrate another birthday, that of the Alpine A110 the French sports Berlinetta is 60 years old, and to celebrate it comes with a prototype that to some might seem like sacrilege, and that could instead open the doors. roads to the future of the French sports brand.

“ I want to electrify Alpine so that it can enter eternity ”, Luca de Meo had said – not without a bit of emphasis – just arrived at the helm of the Renault group a couple of years ago. And without wasting any more time, the challenge was taken up by Alpine’s CEO, Laurent Rossi, who in less than a year, together with his team of engineers, produced the A110 E-ternité, a 100% electric prototype based on the French sports Berlinetta. , which is also convertible.

Ambitious Project

That Renault has its foot pressed on the accelerator of electrification is certainly nothing new: if the first electric of the French company dates back to 1974, with a futuristic battery-powered R5, it is with the ” Renaulution ” that the group began to get serious. Also in the Alpine home. Which set to work to electrify the A110 by creating a car capable of equaling the performance, balance, and agility of its thermal version.

Alpine A110 E-ternité Engine and Gearbox

The A110 E-ternité power unit is an enhanced version of the one used by Mégane E-Tech Electric ( our test here ), capable of developing 178 kW (equal to 240 hp) and 300 Nm of torque. The double-clutch transmission with electronic drive (as on the thermal A110) is new, but with clutches sized for the high revs of electric motors. The result is a 0-100 in 4.5 seconds, and a top speed of 250 km / h.

Alpine A110 E-ternité

Where Do I Put the Batteries?

The battery pack of the electric A110 is the same 60 kWh as the Mégane E-Tech Electric, but to obtain a correct distribution of the masses, the engineers of Alpine designed specific casings suitable for the chassis of the French Berlinetta, which led to the storage of four modules at the front and eight at the rear. The weight increase due to the accumulators, compared to the thermal model, is “only” 258 kg. The declared autonomy is 420 km (compared to 550 for the thermal).

Alpine A110 E-ternité

Requested loudly by many parts, the A110 finally becomes a convertible (or almost), even if for now only in this electric prototype. Without modifying the car’s structure, the engineers replaced the original roof with two shells made of recycled carbon that can be removed to enjoy outdoor travel.

Alpine A110 E-ternité On-board Technology

The Alpine A110 E-ternité prototype boasts a sophisticated and powerful audio system with 8 speakers (including a subwoofer), and a multimedia system in which the driver’s tablet is transformed into a central infotainment display.

Innovative Materials

Last but not least, the aspect of sustainability, which sees the debut of materials in linen fiber, lighter and more respectful of the environment, on the first electric Alpine. A second prototype of the A110 E-ternité 100% was created using this technology for the lining of the bonnet, roof, rear window, grille, seat shells, and rear miniskirt.


Maximum torque340 Nm300 Nm
Maximum power300 CV / 221 kW240 CV / 178 kW
Acceleration from 0 to 100kph4,2sUp to 4.5 s
Full speed280 km/hUp to 250 km / h
1000 m DA22,4 s23,7 s
Curb weight1.120 kg1.378 kg
Ant / post distribution43 / 5742 / 58
Autonomy550 km420 km
TransmissionDCT 7 Getrag DW30Alpine DCT 2
Batteryn.d.60 kWh

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