Alpine wants to sell 150,000 electric cars a year

Alpine, the Renault Group sports brand, wants to become a major player in the premium sector through its new electric range. Its goal is to sell 150,000 cars annually worldwide by 2030, multiplying its current figures by more than 50 (remember that today it sells only one niche model, the A110 sports car).

The Norman firm wants to become a credible alternative to Lotus, Maserati, and Porsche. To achieve this, it will expand outside the European market, with a high probability that it will reach regions such as China or the United States in the medium term. Its growth plan is very ambitious, as Porsche delivered just over 300,000 vehicles last year.

Alpine’s first electric car will arrive in 2024. It will be a segment B (utility) hot hatch derived from the Renault R5, with which it will share the use of the CMF-BEV platform. However, it will have a radically different aesthetic thanks to the use of a widened body. It will be available in versions 220 and 250 CV.

In 2025 crossover from the C segment (compact) will join. Known as GT X-Over, this model will use the CMF-EV modular platform already seen in the Nissan Ariya and Renault Megane E-TECH Electric, although it will debut an electrified rear axle with two motors, torque vectoring, and possibly steered wheels.

Alpine will be 100% electric in 2026

The thermal A110 will continue in production until 2026, the year in which it will be replaced by an electric sports car developed with Lotus. Its platform will also be used in the next Lotus Esprit, with which it will share a production line in Hethel (United Kingdom). Everything indicates that it will have an 800-volt electrical system.


This base will be able to accommodate one or two electric motors on the rear axle. The maximum power will be 476 CV with one engine and 884 CV with two. The batteries for their part will go from 66.4 kWh to 99.6 kWh of capacity and can be placed in the rear compartment in the two-seater models or under the floor in the 2+2.

In 2027 a crossover from the D segment (medium) will join, and in 2028 another from the E segment (executives). Initially, both should use the Lotus EPA platform (remember that Renault is strengthening ties with Geely, the parent company of the historic English manufacturer). It is not ruled out that later the range will be completed with another vehicle, since Luca de Meo, executive director of the Renault Group, dropped at the time that Alpine’s offer could be made up of “five or six electric vehicles”. Most likely, the sixth brother in contention is a saloon.

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