Alpine will become a global 100% electric brand

Alpine, Renault’s sports brand, will become 100% electric in 2026. The French group’s objective is to turn it into a premium firm with a global reach, so in the coming years, it will be extended to other markets, among which could be China and North America. By 2030, only 50% of its sales will be concentrated in Europe.

Luca de Meo, CEO of the conglomerate, wants Alpine to be a major player in the premium sector, which will be electrified much faster than the generalist. For this reason, it will report directly to Ampère, Renault’s new electric mobility and software division.

The only Alpine model currently on sale, the A110 thermal sports car, will continue to be sold until mid-2026. Although it will not comply with the new European safety regulation GSR2 (General Safety Regulation 2), which will come into force in 2024, the brand will benefit from an exemption that will allow it to continue manufacturing it for a couple of years. For this reason, its production will be limited to 1,500 units per year.

Precisely in 2024, Alpine will launch its first electric model, a B-segment hot hatch derived from the Renault 5 Electric, with which it will share a production line in Douai (France). Although it will also use the CMF-BEV platform, it will differ from its brother by having a widened body; Also, it will be rear-wheel drive. Everything indicates that it will be available in versions 220 and 250 hp.

Alpine will be 100% electric by 2026

In 2025 crossover from the C+ segment will join. Known under the name GT X-Over, this model will be assembled in Dieppe (France), the factory from which the A110 currently comes out. It will make use of the CMF-EV modular platform already seen in the Nissan Ariya and Renault Megane E-TECH Electric, although it will debut an electrified rear axle with two motors, torque vectoring, and possibly steering wheels.

Alpine A110

The A110 will be replaced in 2026 by an electric sports car developed with Lotus (Geely). Its production will move to Hethel, UK, while its platform will also be used in the upcoming Lotus Esprit, which is being developed under the umbrella of the Type 135 project. This architecture will likely integrate an 800-volt system.

This base may house one or two electric motors on the rear axle. Maximum power will be 476 hp with one engine and 884 hp with two. The batteries for their part will go from 66.4 kWh to 99.6 kWh of capacity and can be placed either in the rear compartment in the two-seater models (this should be the case of the A110), well under the floor in the 2 + 2.

De Meo has announced that, after these launches, the Alpine range will continue to grow until it reaches “five or six electric vehicles”. At the moment, the development of two models framed in segments D and E is confirmed, which will be vital for its international expansion. Although at the moment nothing is known about these models, we should not rule out that they use the EPA platform already seen in the Lotus Eletre.

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