Apple has registered a new patent for an electric car

The Cupertino firm continues to focus its efforts on the development of its own electric and autonomous car, known as Apple Car. Now, the registration of a new patent opens the way to a very particular feature.

The buzz about the arrival of Apple’s electric car has been ringing for almost a decade. The technological firm has made it clear through numerous registered patents that this is true and that its efforts are focused, in addition to other technological advances, on the launch of its vehicle. In the last few hours, a new record has come to light detailing how you can enter and exit this model.

And logic could say that “through its doors, like in any other car” and yes, you would be right. However, Apple has given a small twist to what is already known in the automotive sector and has registered the so-called ” adaptive positioning doors “. This, in general terms, is nothing more than a sliding opening and closing mechanism, but it keeps some additional secrets.

The filtered attributes of this car lead it towards the concept of “living room on wheels” since the brand seeks complete autonomous driving so that its passengers only have to worry about getting on and off it. The novel door opening would directly contribute to this sensation, since both the front and rear doors would carry out a longitudinal maneuver through the vehicle contrary to one another. A movement is reminiscent of the opening of automatic doors in a shopping center, for example.

Apple Car door open patent

According to the patent, they will be equipped with proximity sensors to detect nearby elements and thus know if they can open more or less. They will also have an automatic opening and closing system that will be controlled by the central computer of the electric car, although, for safety, it will also use a manual mechanism.

On the other hand, the concept described here has a major drawback and it is the lack of a B-pillar in a car that is large and that this will reduce the vehicle’s structural rigidity. On the other hand, it will make it easier to access the passenger compartment when another car has parked nearby, for example.

Apple Car patent

However, since this is nothing more than a patent registration, Apple will be able to include them in its expected electric car, or maybe not. Sources close to the brand have already announced that, initially, the Cupertino firm would use more conventional systems, leaving this type of advance for a possible future update or a second alternative model.

Apple’s electric and autonomous car is expected to make an appearance sometime in 2025, with full electrification of its mechanics, but a not-so-high level of driving range. In the latest leaked documents, there is talk that the brand would have lowered its expectations in this field due to a lack of technology.

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