Aston Martin AMR21: New car for the F1 2021 season

A new team is born, the Aston Martin. The brand was already present in the Red Bull team, although, after the purchase of Stroll from this mythical brand, it was to be expected that it would become the main sponsor and the one that gave the Racing Point team its name. Therefore, this mythical brand returns to Formula 1 60 years later, and it does so with this Aston Martin AMR21 and the British green colors that those cars already carried (DBR4 and DBR5 from 1959 and 1960 respectively).

This car will be the weapon owned by Lance Stroll, son of the team owner, and Sebastian Vettel. The German fled Ferrari due to his poor results and the performance of Charles Leclerc and believes that he has reached a paradise where he could have better performances. In principle, by not having so much pressure (which kills Vettel), it could be like that. It is expected to be a quiet season for him and one where he does not make so many mistakes. But … will it be so? Will Stroll’s father benefit his son? We will see, although I hope not, and that both have equality.

In addition to that green tone that replaces last year’s pink and white, they still keep sponsor BWT, so pink is still present to a lesser extent. A more elegant car that could not have had a better sponsor, since they have invited James Bond himself to the presentation. While the gala has been hosted by 007 actress Gemma Arterton, Daniel Craig has also been seen by surprise.

This year it has not been involved in as much controversy as the Racing Point RP20, although it is based on that car with a few small tweaks. At the beginning of the previous year, many noticed this design and complained to the FIA ​​for being a copy of the Mercedes, almost a repainted W10 (something that should be illegal, since the aerodynamic surfaces are protected by a patent and should not be shared according to Protestant teams). This year, although it follows the same line, it is not a copy of the W11, since it cannot be changed more than what the tokens allow …

Aston Martin AMR21 Front zone

Aston Martin AMR21 Front

The new Aston Martin AMR21 is very similar to the Racing Point RP20 that finished last season. The front wing is practically identical to the spoiler that finished last season, although there appear to be minor changes to the upper flap (sometimes difficult to assess with these images, as a slight twist in perspective from the snapshot that captures the camera and may give the impression that a component has changed in size or shape).

Aston Martin AMR21

Both the nose, as the openings of the pontoons (quite large and rounded) that can be seen in this image, the suspensions (like the Mercedes, with that geometry and the arms joined in the form of an aerodynamic profile) and the anchoring area of ​​the Suspension triangles to chassis, canards, or brake lines are the same as seen on the final RP20. The nose follows the same architecture copied from the Mercedes, with a very fine nose, the S-Duct, and the skirts or profiles of the lower area of ​​the nose that generates a channel under the nose and in that area to redirect the air for a better shape towards the rear.

Middle area

Aston Martin AMR21

In the middle zone, there are no surprises either. The Aston Martin AMR21 is still a painted RP20, with slight changes. For example, in this side image, there is some change in the area of ​​the knobs, which appear slightly higher, although the shots appear in the same shape and size. It is as if this area of ​​the impact structure and intakes has been raised, generating a much more pronounced fall shape in the engine fairing that is just behind the air intake of the sidepod. This leaves a tighter “waist” in the area under the air opening for the radiators, in the area where it joins with the flat bottom, to leave a greater air channel that slides towards the rear area …

As for the bargeboards and other appendages that hang from the pontoons, as well as the shape of these is identical to last year. What has changed, as it has on the W12, from what could be considered a copy of this year’s Mercedes, is the strange bulges on the engine cover. The fairing has very pronounced lumps in the middle area, which could indicate that the Mercedes engine change has added some part there that needs that volume.

Aston Martin AMR21

Likewise, the rear has also followed the same trend as the Mercedes, that is, the area of ​​the rear end has been curved more, just where the rear suspension triangle is anchored, leaving a greater air channel in the lower area than Join this part with the flat bottom. In other words, the same philosophy as this year’s Mercedes. By sharing the same engine, gearbox, and suspension that they have bought from Mercedes, it is normal for this to be the case …

On the other hand, the intake of the airbox remains the same, with that characteristic large opening in some cars such as the Mercedes, or the Racing Point, and that this Aston Martin AMR21 has also inherited. Therefore, no changes in that regard …

In the presentation, they have commented on something interesting. And it is that the tokens have been reserved to update the monocoque, although without specifying what exactly they have done. That is to say, the one-piece area that makes up part of the nose, jets, and cockpit. As I have commented previously, it could be the pontoon thing …

Rear area

Aston Martin AMR21

The rear area is a mix between the RP20 with last year’s W11, and with this year’s Mercedes power unit. Therefore, a mixture that leaves this car with slight changes in the rear, although most of the elements remain unchanged. That is, the shark fin has not changed, nor have the rear wing endplates, nor the spoiler itself, or the flap of the DRS, nor its central supports, etc.

The only thing that seems absent is the T-Wing, which we do not know if it is retired in this image of the presentation and will be added in the preseason tests or what. Keep in mind that it is common that they do not mount some parts for the presentation cars that are seen in preseason training …

Aston Martin AMR21

By the way, and how could it be otherwise, the flat bottom has been modified to adapt to the new technical regulations. That is, the portions of carbon fiber that protruded from the sides have been shortened from the front of the bottom diagonally to the cut in front of the rear tire. Therefore, the width of the bottom narrows as you go backward. Also, it has been simplified a lot, without those cuts, gills, ridges, and profiles that it had in the past year. This will cause downforce to be lost since it influences the efficiency of the diffuser since more dirty air will arrive due to the turbulence of the tires. But it is something that is the same for everyone …

Aston Martin AMR21 Engine

In general, the Aston Martin AMR21 should work quite well, that is, a car to fight in the upper part of the grid, like last year, where they won when something happened to the Mercedes or make podiums. The most logical thing is that Mercedes is in front and also Red Bull, but then they should come. Although, be careful, because McLaren already stood up to them last year with a Renault engine, and if this year’s Mercedes engine positions them somewhat better, they could be behind McLaren.

It only remains to see what work Mercedes has done on its power unit and if it is true those alleged problems that they claimed to have on the test bench this year. Also, it will also be necessary to compare with the work that the rest of the bikers have done. The engine is going to take on more prominence this year, in my opinion. And that is so for two reasons:

Aston Martin AMR21
  • Looking ahead to the engine freeze next year, everyone is going to try to make all possible changes to improve before the freeze.
  • With the frozen chassis and aerodynamics also in development (only the two tokens are supported), the biggest performance jumps or setbacks this year will be due to engine performance.

But be careful, because a failure in the improvements could make any of the three engines unreliable and some teams could suffer in that sense …

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