Audi A6 e-Tron: First Details, Photos & Price

Now a luxury-class limousine concept has also made its way into electromobility. The Audi A6 e-Tron was presented as a concept vehicle at the Shanghai Motorshow and shows how sporty and elegant vehicles from the luxury class segment will be built in the future. The new electrical platform PPE was specially developed for this purpose together with Porsche.

In 2023, the A6 e-Tron will be the first electric car from Audi that is based on the new full-size PPE architecture. The concept now presented seems to be visually quite similar to the upcoming production vehicle.

Following the example of the Audi e-Tron GT, all Audi electric models in the medium and luxury class based on the PPE platform will also have the option of 800-volt charging technology. Read on for more information.

  • Market launch planned for 2023
  • Sporty, elegant upper-class electric car
  • 800-volt charging technology
  • Up to 700 km range
  • Built on Premium Platform Electric (PPE)
  • Digital OLED elements
  • The large wheelbase of 2.95 meters

Audi A6 e-Tron Prices

It is currently unclear what the A6 e-Tron will cost. If we had to estimate, then we would say that the A6 e-Tron could be had from a price of 75,000 euros. Series production for the model is scheduled for 2023.

Audi A6 e-Tron

Engines and driving behavior

The new A6 e-Tron is delivered with a 100 kWh battery. That is slightly larger than the 93 kWh battery in an e-Tron GT but smaller than the 108 kWh battery in a Mercedes EQS. Audi states that the finished car will have a range of more than 700 kilometers. That is more than with the e-Tron GT and close to the 770 kilometers range that you have with the EQS.

But when it comes to charging times, Audi will beat the EQS, because the A6 e-Tron is compatible with 270 kW chargers. The EQS only manages 200 kW. If you find such a charging station, the A6 e-Tron can refuel enough juice for 300 kilometers in just 10 minutes, 5 minutes faster than the Mercedes. A longer 25-minute charge will charge your batteries from 5% to 80%.

Audi A6 e-Tron

The entry-level versions of the A6 e-Tron will be equipped with a rear engine that drives the rear wheels. These models make the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in less than seven seconds.

The models with all-wheel drive are equipped with an additional electric motor at the front. Overall, the versions with two engines should generate 476 hp and 800 Nm of torque. This is the same output as an entry-level e-Tron GT, but around 160 Nm more torque.

Audi A6 e-Tron Technical data and exterior design

The A6 e-Tron is not a sedan, more like a four-door coupé like the A5 Sportback. The new A6 e-Tron looks stunning nonetheless, and the best part is that the production version should look pretty much the same. After all, Audi hasn’t changed anything when converting the e-Tron GT concept into a road car.

Audi A6 e-Tron

Audi has confirmed that the finished car won’t get the concept’s invisible door handles, but the top model should come with 22-inch wheels like the concept, and be offered with the same rear-view cameras in place of the wing mirrors.

Not much will change in the curved silhouette of the car. And the two-tone side skirts and the wide brake light are also retained. They’re thinner than any other new Audi, and they’re also packed with new technology.

Audi A6 e-Tron

The daytime running light consists of three rows of customizable LEDs that can show all sorts of patterns and animations. Audi has also installed special projectors around the car that can beam messages onto the road. You connect your smartphone to the car and use it as a controller to play a special Audi spaceship racing game that uses the headlights as giant projectors.

Interior and trunk

Audi has not yet revealed what the interior of the A6 e-Tron will look like. Maybe it’s a secret, maybe the design isn’t finished yet … But you can get a good idea of ​​it by looking at the e-Tron GT and the Q4 e-Tron.

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