Audi A8 2022: New Led Light & New Tech

The most representative saloon of Audi is already preparing a series of modifications that will see the light in a few months.

Our spies in northern Scandinavia have caught a pre-production prototype for the next facelift for the Audi A8 , and it looks like the most iconic saloon from the brand with the four rings is about to be unveiled. Although only the front and rear of the car are camouflaged, the new design of the headlamps and bumpers can easily be seen through that psychedelic wrap.

Following the same trend as the more recently revealed Audis, the current generation A8 will benefit from an update that will include a small crease under the main headlamps, while the overall look of the front end will essentially become like that of an Audi A3. much wider . Redesigned front and rear bumpers and an updated Singleframe grille will complete the exterior changes, so the saloon will not deviate too much from the overall look of the current model, in keeping with the brand’s tradition.

The interior is also expected to benefit from more advanced technologies such as an improved infotainment system , new upholstery and decorative trim, while the active safety features introduced in the current generation of the A8 should also receive an update, mainly to maintain the car. better prepared for Level 4 autonomous driving laws and regulations.

In the technical part, it is expected that all current mechanics will benefit from a 48-volt electrical system to improve both emissions levels and performance, with slightly lower consumption, including diesel engines and the vigorous 6.0 W12 liters. Speaking of this twelve-cylinder block, the current A8 might be the last Audi to use it, although that’s not the biggest news regarding this business mid-cycle update.

Audi A8 2022 Engine

We say this because our spies point to the resurrection of the Horch appellation , used by Audi to refer to its most luxurious models at the beginning of the 20th century, which could adorn the current generation of the A8 with a version born to take on the Mercedes S-Class signed by Maybach. This would present a design with elegant touches and exclusive components, especially in an interior that will overflow opulence from every corner and with a W12 biturbo under the hood.

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