Audi Q6 e-Tron: Its design and all details

The switch to 100% electric for the next Audi Q5, which will be called the Q6 e-Tron, will be synonymous with clear design evolutions. Technically close to the future Porsche Macan, the SUV with the rings is expected in 2023.

The next Audi Q5 will go all-electric in 2023 according to the product plan announced by the manufacturer. The “zero-emission” SUV will be called the Q6 e-Tron. This change in energy source will go hand in hand with the use of a new platform, which will have the consequence of modifying the appearance of the German crossover somewhat. Here is, with an illustration, what the Audi Q6 e-Tron should look like.

Same Like Macan

The Q6 e-Tron will share with the second Porsche Macan, also 100% electric and scheduled for the end of 2022, the PPE modular architecture currently co-developed by Audi and Porsche. Exclusively dedicated to vehicles without a combustion engine, this platform will be designed to house the battery under its floor and should allow the Q6 e-Tron to display a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs than its predecessor. The interior space will benefit. This construction will likely give the next Q5 a more stretched look, reminiscent of the Q7.

Audi Q6 e-Tron Design

The grille of the Q6 e-Tron will be full and should be light gray like that of the Q4 e-Tron concept car, whose production version is brewing. Black side sills are to be expected, both to visually emphasize the presence of the battery and to refine the profile of the machine. If one relies on the latest stylistic developments from Audi, the optical units should display a sharper design than those of the current Q5.

Like Porsche with the Macan, Audi could keep the current Q5 in the catalog for a while alongside its replacement to offer a thermal engine alternative for as long as possible in this core-range segment.

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