Audi Q9: First Look & New Photos

Audi wants to bring another luxury flagship onto the market. The Audi Q9 has now been photographed during test drives in the snow. We have photos and current information on the Audi Q9 for you.

Everyone who thought that after the Q8 it couldn’t get any bigger will now be taught better. The Audi Q9 rounds off the Q models at the top and at the same time, the idea of ​​an Audi A9 is rejected, which was always in the room. An SUV is better to sell, especially in Asia and the USA.

Audi Q9 Prices

It is still uncertain when the Q9 will hit the market. Judging by the strong camouflage, we assume that it will not be so far until 2022. At this point, one can only speculate about prices. The Q8 costs 75,000 euros, but we assume that the Q9 will be a lot more expensive. The Q9 could scratch the 100,000 euro mark.


It seems as if the Q9 could get an electrified twin-turbo V6 engine and V8 engines with mild hybrid technology are also conceivable. We also assume that the Q9 will also be accompanied by a plug-in hybrid version, because all Q models (except the Q2) now have an electrified alternative to choose from.

Audi Q9

The purely electric range could then be 50 kilometers. More is currently not known about the engines.

Exterior design

With the Q9, Audi is likely to bring a real full-size SUV onto the market that is more familiar to the American market. It seems to be significantly larger than the Q7. The Q9 faces competition from the BMW X7 and the Mercedes GLS. At this point, we cannot say that Audi Q9 can be classified in terms of size again about these models.

Audi Q9

The camouflage is still very strong, you can see that the standard rear lights are still attached to the rear. At the front, new lighting designs are likely to be tested, because the test lights look as if they are stacked twice. Speaking of camouflage, we’re a bit confused, or maybe Audi wants to achieve that too because the camouflage film in this design is only used on models that are intended for the Chinese market.

This giant will certainly also be offered for the USA, but whether it will come onto the market in Europe remains to be seen.

Audi Q9 Interior

Since the Q7 can already carry seven people, we assume that the Q9 will be a full-fledged 7-seater and could bring an enormous trunk. Also, a lot of driver assistants, a high-quality and elegant interior, and the latest infotainment are set. People will certainly also rely on more or less autonomous driver assistants.

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