Audi RS range to grow with electric SUVs and plug-in hybrid sports

Audi's RS range has gained a lot of fans over the years. With an approach that is as sporty as it is practical, the most extreme models of the house will soon be converted to electrified formats.

At Audi, they are already working on the future. Although those from Ingolstadt have a relatively quiet year ahead of them in terms of official presentations, the next courses will resume activity with very important releases. With an electrified approach, the conventional range will continue to expand its product portfolio. Meanwhile, the RS sports family will also experience a very significant change. The offer will grow thanks to new models and versions that until now we could not even imagine. This has been declared by the head of Audi Sport, Sebastian Grams, to Autocar.

The delay in the development of control software for electric cars is doing a lot of damage to the firm. The previous directive of the Volkswagen Group was excessively ambitious with the calendar of launches and that has caused a bottleneck that has affected the schedule of presentations. The new Porsche Macan should be out by now and the Audi A6 should be about to be officially launched. However, neither the first has seen the light nor the second will be announced this year. A hard blow if we take into account that his closest rivals do not stop.

The various fronts in which those Audi is immersed also include its high-performance range. The traditional RS like the Audi TT or the Audi R8 is on the verge of extinction. The five and ten-cylinder blocks will soon be forgotten in favor of new electrified systems. Just a few months ago, Audi commented that the electric R8 is not coming anytime soon. At the very least we will have to wait until the end of the decade, but all the questions point to the same thing: can the RS family survive without its flagship for so long?

Audi also asks the same question and until the path of the future R8 is clear, the RS range will grow with new extreme versions that will use hybridization as an intermediate solution. In this way, an Audi RS4 Avant plug-in hybrid can be expected. Grams himself has stated that his performance will be “incredible”. All eyes point to a V6 block accompanied by an EV set with one or two engines. The final power will be high, above 500 horsepower with electric autonomy in the limit of the regulations to approve the ZERO label of the DGT.

Audi RS Q8

Not only sedans or current models will offer RS ​​versions with plug-in hybrid systems. Audi is determined to stand up in other segments that are now forgotten, such as, for example, with an Audi Q5 RS against the BMW X3 M and the Mercedes GLC AMG. At the moment, no data has been provided on what this high-performance version will be like, although once again we are talking about final powers of more than 500 horsepower. Unlike its rivals, the Q5 RS will be the only one that bets on a plug-in hybrid scheme.

Asked about the loneliness of the Audi RS e-Tron GT, Grams has stated that more units will soon arrive, although its development is not easy. Electric RS must offer a very fine balance between performance and weight. Increasing the size of the batteries to achieve greater autonomy can be a drag on the dynamics. Future RS without a combustion engine is already being designed. In 2030 almost the entire Audi Sports park will be electrified.

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