Audi S5 2021: First Look & Photos

After the Audi A5 has been renewed, the sports version S5 will also get a facelift. The convertible and the Sportback have been spotted on test drives. We have the spy pictures and current information about the S5 for you.

The entire A5 family is getting a facelift and with it the sport version S5. The S5 Convertible and the S5 Sportback have now been photographed during test drives. We have the latest render pictures and information on the new S5 models for you.

We have to be patient a little longer. If you no longer want to wait for the facelift, then you can get the latest Audi S5 Sportback offers.

Audi S5 2021 Prices and the start of sales

We assume that the S5 models will hit the market in spring 2021 and they could already be presented at the IAA in Frankfurt. The models of the new A5 series will also be on display. Which price will be called has not yet been communicated.

Engines and driving behavior

There will probably be another 344 hp 3-liter six-cylinder turbo diesel, with the drive being revised. A mild hybrid system is to be installed to provide support so that the response of the engine can be improved. We don’t know whether Audi has another engine ready for the S5 models.

Technical data and exterior design

As you can see in the pictures, especially the front and rear are still hidden under camouflage film. It can be assumed that the optics will be based on the new S4 and that the new models will be given new LED headlights, new bumpers, and a revised radiator grille. The lower bumper is also changing.

Audi S5 2021

Fans of the S5 family can also look forward to new colors and rims, and we’ll have to wait and see whether the fenders will be widened. It would be possible.

Audi S5 2021 Interior

The Spy hunters were also able to photograph the interior. You can see that infotainment will change. The screen will become a touchscreen and the MMI controller will then no longer be present next to the gear lever because it is no longer needed.

Otherwise not much can be seen in this prototype interior. However, we can assume that you are sitting on comfortable upholstery in typical Audi style and that the workmanship is, as usual, of high quality.

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