Audi will launch an electric SUV to compete with Defender EV

After years of betting decisively on SUVs, some brands are re-entering the SUV segment, a niche that in recent years has been practically deserted except for proposals such as the Jeep Wrangler, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the Suzuki Jimny or the Toyota Land Cruiser, among others.

It is expected that thanks to electrification, which simplifies the development of efficient all-wheel drive systems, little by little more alternatives will join. Without going any further, Audi is studying the possibility of launching a model of this type to compete against the Mercedes-Benz EQG and the future electric version of the Land Rover Defender.

Although Audi does not have a tradition in creating SUVs, it does have extensive experience in rallies and raids; in fact, it has been competing in Dakar for some time with the RS Q e-tron prototype, a highly electrified buggy designed for this type of test. Therefore, the launch of a vehicle with true off-road capabilities would be a good opportunity to capitalize on its presence in this competition.

Marc Lichte, head of design for the firm with the four rings, believes that there is room for a luxury electric SUV in its range. This category only has two premium contenders (Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz), so there is room for a third player. Furthermore, Lichte goes a step further by mentioning that he would not be based on a current platform from the group.

Audi could turn to Ford, Foxconn, or Magna

This comment seems to refer to Scout, a brand that the Volkswagen Group will launch in North America to market zero-emission SUVs and trucks. The German conglomerate would be trying to ally with Ford, Foxconn, or Magna to manufacture the Scout models, which will presumably use a chassis of spars and cross members.

Audi RS Q e-tron

Using this architecture, our protagonist would be a true SUV. Like the EQG, it is likely to use a four-engine powertrain, an ideal solution for getting the best possible performance out of the field. We will also find this same configuration in the Yangwang U8, developed by BYD to compete against Mercedes-Benz.

It is interesting to remember that Magna already manufactures the G-Class for the star’s signature; In addition, he will also be in charge of assembling the electrical EQG. Therefore, a priori would be the ideal partner for Scout and Audi.

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