Audi works council wants to launch an A1 e-tron

Currently, Audi’s smallest electric car is the Q4 e-Tron, a 4.59-meter-long SUV that straddles the Q3 (segment C) and Q5 (segment D). However, it is confirmed that later the firm with the four rings will also have a model equivalent to the compact A3, which will arrive in 2027/2028.

Everything indicates that the hypothetical A3 e-Tron will make use of the SSP modular platform, although the recent internal restructuring of the Volkswagen Group has caused its launch to be postponed for a couple of years, so it would not be ruled out that the premium hatchback ends using the recently introduced MEB+ platform.

A few months ago, Audi announced its intention to focus on the largest and most profitable categories in the market, but everything indicates that it will eventually also have small electric cars. This could be due in part to pressure from the works council, which advocates launching a model to replace the current A1 as access to the range.

“We are committed to having an entry-level electric model below the Ingolstadt-built A3,” Audi works council head Peter Mosch said in an interview with Augsburger Allgemeine. Although the board of directors is not yet involved, worker representatives believe that a smaller electric car will be key for the brand.

Volkswagen will manufacture its electric access cars in Spain

Despite everything, at the moment it does not seem that Audi is interested in launching a model of this type, since Hildegard Wortmann, a member of the board of directors, confirmed at the beginning of the year that “within the Volkswagen group we are not considering having a car electric below the A3 or Q3 for a premium brand like Audi. We have more general brands in the Volkswagen Group that will have these vehicles.”

Audi A1 Sportback

In the short term, the Volkswagen Group only plans to have four electric models in the B segment: the CUPRA Raval, the Skoda Elroq, and the Volkswagen ID.2 and ID.2 X. All of them will make use of the MEB Small modular platform, a simplified version of the MEB that we can find in the aforementioned Q4 e-Tron.

While the hatchbacks (Raval and ID.2) will be produced in Martorell (Barcelona), where the Audi A1 is currently being assembled, the SUVs (Elroq and ID.2 X) will be made in Landaben (Pamplona). Therefore, the one known as “MEB Entry Family” will be manufactured entirely in Spain, since even its batteries will come from a gigafactory located in Sagunto (Valencia).

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