Automakers wary of Apple’s new CarPlay

Recently, Apple announced the development of a new generation of CarPlay, which will be a real giant leap from the previous standard. The American company wants its system to become part of the vehicle’s software, so it will be compatible with up to three screens (instrumentation, main screen, and co-drivers display).

For the first time, CarPlay will be able to display data taken from the vehicle’s sensors (speed, charge level, distance traveled) and allow users to control elements such as climate control through its interface. The new system, which will integrate a browser with Apple Maps, will hit the market at the end of 2023.

This “meddling” into car systems could unleash a war between Apple and automakers, as the data collected by (increasingly connected) vehicles will become a crucial component of future business plans for brands ( online services, personalized insurance, etc).

According to Roger Lanctot, director of automotive connected mobility at Strategy Analytics, only smaller or, younger manufacturers will be willing to give in to Apple. Although firms of the stature of Ford, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Volvo have shown interest, the truth is that none has yet reached a definitive agreement with those from Cupertino.

Amazon, Apple, and Google are raiding the automotive sector

The new CarPlay will allow users to customize the instrumentation and interface of the infotainment system through widgets (calendar, contacts, etc.), designs, colors, and backgrounds provided by Apple, which will erase the differentiated experience designed by each manufacturer at a stroke.

Apple is not the only technology company interested in this sector, since Alphabet (Google) has developed an operating system for cars (Android Automotive OS) that is already used by brands such as Polestar, Renault, and Volvo. Furthermore, Amazon is also following in its footsteps through its popular Alexa assistant.

Apple CarPlay

Unlike the new CarPlay, Android Automotive OS is an embedded operating system rather than external software, giving manufacturers more control, over who can build their systems on top of it. “Apple is worse than Google when it comes to inflexibility. But Apple will no doubt tell automakers that their customers are clamoring for an experience similar to theirs in their cars,” Lanctot tells Automotive News Europe.

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