Bentley Mulliner shows three special finishes for the United States

One of the most special luxury car brands in the world is Bentley, which presents models designed for the driver to enjoy a luxurious experience while at the wheel of their car. To ingratiate itself with its American buyers, the British manufacturer has prepared three variants prepared for the United States with the Mulliner program, with custom features that they want to appeal to them. The names of these variants are the Mulliner Nauticis Collection, the Mulliner Skyline, and the Mulliner Miami.

Bentley Mulliner Nauticis Collection

Bentley Mulliner Nauticis

This nautical Mulliner collection has been ordered by a Fort Lauderdale brand dealer. It consists of four units of the Continental GT V8 Convertible, whose bodywork has been painted in Aegean Blue and Ghost White colors. The 22-inch wheels also feature Aegean Blue accents and various additions to the bodywork made of carbon fiber.

These elements are the front splitter, the side skirts, and the rear diffuser and rear spoiler. Inside, a BrunelLinen, and Portland leather trim has been added, with a specific color selection for this special variant. Given its name and its orientation towards nautical, we are going to find several decorative elements that are reminiscent of the sea, so it will be an ideal car for those who leave their yacht moored and want to continue feeling at sea.

Bentley Mulliner Skyline

Bentley Mulliner Skyline

The Skyline collection is made up of converted units from the Continental GT Convertible, the Bentayga, and the Flying Spur. The transformation begins with the Onyx body color. The 22-inch wheels are dual-tone, reinforcing their more luxurious image. Inside, the black color continues but to increase the contrast in the cabin, there are silver-colored decorative elements on the seats and headrests.

The name Skyline comes from the inspiration of the Manhattan skyline, so this decorative motif is present in various parts of the vehicle, such as the seats and the dashboard.

Bentley Mulliner Miami

Bentley Mulliner Miami

The city of Florida gives its name to this customization, in which you can find six units, including a Bentayga, a Continental GT V8 Convertible, and a Flying Spur. In this case, the body colors are reminiscent of the sun and tropical fruit. They are lime green, orange and blue colors. They also carry the package of carbon fiber elements, which give them the dynamic touch that they seek to offer.

The first of these is a Flying Spur that features leather seats with contrast stitching and custom padding. The color Klein Blue is part of the interior decoration, with several elements of this color, such as part of the steering wheel, the gear lever, and the door panels. In addition, the inscription ” One of six ” shows that you belong to this exclusive collection.

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