BMW 3 Series 2022: New Headlight & New Interior

Details and images of the BMW 3 Series 2022 have emerged. The 3 Series, which is expected to be on the road in 2022, will come to the fore with its design and technologies.

BMW’s direction in terms of electronics is clear: on the one hand technical beacons such as the iX, on the other hand, variants of well-known series such as the iX3 or the very fresh i4. The 7 Series, 5 Series, and 3 series probably also follow this pattern, as a prototype now shows.

We know an all-electric version of the BMW 3 Series is on the way and this is our best look at it yet. The car is still camouflaged in these latest spy photos, but we can spot some details that will be unique to the electric version of the ubiquitous sedan.

First, the prototype appears to sport the stretched body of the long-wheelbase 3 Series, which is currently only sold in China. It has been speculated that BMW opted for the longer body to have more space for the batteries under the body, a point of view that certainly makes sense – you can recognize the stretched version by the length of the rear door.

We also noticed the different headlights. That could simply be the facelift headlights that will be seen on all G20-3s after the LCI, or they could be specific to the EV-3s. The bumper is completely hidden by camouflage, but we’re pretty sure it will only get the electric version and its design will be similar to that of the BMW i4 (the rear bumper should be the same). The grille will certainly not be as big as the i4, it will be completely closed like the iX3.

BMW 3 Series 2022

In the interior, we expect the electric 3 Series to feature the same “curved display” we’ve seen in the i4 and iX, as well as all the other interior updates it has compared to other 4 Series models G22 offers. And since it has an extended wheelbase, the legroom in the rear should be class-leading.

However, there are still some unknowns: On the one hand, the name, which could be i3, whereby the “original” i3 is to be built until 2024 according to the current status. On the other hand, there is the question of what exactly will drive this vehicle. The drives will likely be shared with the i4. But will the 3 Series also get the same all-wheel-drive M50 variant with 544 hp, or will BMW just sell it with a lower output?

We also don’t know where BMW will sell this model – will it be sold alongside the i4 as a more spacious and practical car? Or is it only offered where the i4 is not available? Or only built in China and only there (next to the iX3)? The electric 3 Series is expected to be introduced along with the major facelift for the current 3 Series, which should be the case in 2022.

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