BMW 3 Series 2023: Hunted its family variant

The BMW saloon prepares an interesting facelift for next year of which we already know more than one detail despite its camouflaged appearance. Do you want to know them?

It seems that it was yesterday when the current BMW 3 Series (G20) was released, however, this generation released back in 2019 is already preparing a restyling that is scheduled for summer 2022. However, despite taking almost a year on its track, it turns out that we can already take an early first look at this update of the most popular BMW sedan, which after showing us some of its novelties in advance with a filtered image of one of his prototypes, now he reappears, already covered with a light cloak of camouflage on the roads of his country.

Fully exposed but still unfinished

As the photo published by the photographer and leak expert Wilco Blok showed us, we are facing a model that is not yet finished, and this particular example does not yet have its double kidney grille. However, the available gap and the shapes of the rest of the front bumper seem to make it clear that there will be no trace of the controversial vertical format grille of the 4 Series and its M3 and M4 or i4 versions, although its design may be slightly different from of the current version.

For the rest, we find new headlights with a much simpler exterior design that loses that nerve that rose from the bodywork right in the middle and a slightly redesigned light signature, to which is added a bumper that is also cleaner, with an area of Larger black color that encompasses the lower grille, while two thin “L” -shaped lines on the sides will appear to act as a small air intake and fog lights. It is noted that this example in question is the famous and performance M340i, which seems to be noticed by the M aerodynamic mirrors that are part of the M Performance Parts catalog. Although a look inside with an aggressive diffuser-style piece or a sporty exhaust outlet would confirm this.

This new appearance of another covered prototype still has enough camouflage to even play around with a second layer that maintains the current shape of the Series 3 headlights. However, the shape of the lower grille and the bumper does seem to point to that photo. While the turn signals are on in some of the photos of our spies also reveal the new light signature through the camouflage of the headlights.

BMW 3 Series 2023

You can also see in the area of ​​the grill a new grille design that leaves behind the vertical lines to opt for a solution closer to that of the current BMW 4 Series with small horizontal lines, although at the moment it does not seem to be going to also choose a vertical format as in its coupe brother. Some new features are also expected at the rear, probably in the form of a new lighting signature for the taillights and revised bumpers.

BMW 3 Series 2023 Interior

What we do know is that this new BMW 3 Series will also update its interior with the latest version of BMW’s infotainment system, the BMW iDrive 7.0, already seen in the BMW iX, which will be accompanied by a large 14- inch curved touchscreen. 9 inches in the center of the dashboard and another 12.3 inches for the digital dashboard. The center console will also be redesigned, even introducing new materials.

BMW 3 Series 2023

In the mechanical part, we can expect a greater commitment to electrification with the arrival of a 48-volt mild-hybrid system to all known three and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, while the plug-in hybrid versions will now be more powerful and efficient. All these options will accompany the new 100% electric BMW i3 that is also on the way. In addition, our spies do not rule out the possibility that the M340i and M340d versions will give up their six-cylinder in-line engines in favor of less polluting four.

As we mentioned in the beginning, everything indicates that we will end up seeing this BMW 3 Series 2023 in full and already fully revealed next summer of 2022. Meanwhile, we can only wait for new appearances and leaks that will show us in more detail the renewal of the famous Bavarian saloon.

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