BMW and Mclaren will develop electric cars together

Electrification is emerging as a very expensive and complicated future to face in such a short time as European leaders intend, forcing manufacturers to look for partners to work with and thus share expenses. By reducing expenses, they will also be able to reduce prices and be more competitive, in an industry that is becoming more expensive every day and fewer cars are sold (although some earn more…).

It is therefore not surprising that McLaren has sought a partner for the creation of a new electric sports car, a partner that appears to be none other than BMW. It’s not official, at least not yet, but the two companies are reportedly in talks about jointly developing an electric supercar and a four-seater GT.

BMW and McLaren collaborated a long time ago, giving rise to what is considered by many to be the best sports car in history, the desired McLaren F1, although, in reality, BMW supplied the engine and little else. That old collaboration could have been the trigger for the current talks, all of them held behind closed doors and without having communicated anything to anyone. Thus, at least they affirm it from the British media Car Magazine, which at the same time affirms that both companies could develop a joint platform for electric cars, which would serve to support a low-volume production supercar.

McLaren would put its expertise into producing the carbon fiber chassis and BMW would do the same with the electric powertrain, software, and batteries. Of course, each brand would have its model and only the platform and engine-transmission group would be shared, the rest would be different. McLaren and BMW are so different, and their target customers so different, that it doesn’t make sense to share anything beyond that.

BMW i4 M50
BMW i4 M50

Publications like the Australian magazine Drive affirm that it could be possible that the final model was an SUV or a crossover. They define it as a raised four-seater G, which would allow McLaren to compete in a segment whose sales do not stop rising. However, the British company has already said, actively and passively, that it will never have an SUV in its catalog, although it is also true that other Ferraris also stated it outright (Marchionne said, exactly, that it should be shot before seeing an SUV in Ferrari…). This without forgetting the rumors that emerged relatively recently about an electric SUV by McLaren.

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