BMW Doubles Sales Of Electric Cars

The BMW Group has just announced its sales results between January and September, the first three quarters of the year. In total, there have been 1,747,889 vehicles, broken down into 1,533,917 passenger cars and 159,333 BMW motorcycles, 209,271 MINIs, and 4,701 Rolls-Royce. The interesting thing comes now, although the general volume of the group has fallen by 9.5%, those electrified have risen by 22.3% and are placed at 283,289 units. Of these, 155,093 were plug-in hybrids.

Within that figure, there are 128,196 100% electric cars between BMW and MINI, whose growth has been spectacular, 114.8% more than between January and September 2021. The quarterly breakdown indicates sustained growth: 35,289 in Q1, 40,601 in Q2, and 52,306 in Q3. If a volume of 79,514 electric cars is reached in the fourth quarter, BMW will have doubled its 2021 sales: 103,855 units.

The BMW Group is the 5th largest manufacturer of electric cars and plug-in hybrids, and it’s not exactly bad. Of all that they sold in the third quarter, electric cars accounted for 8.9% of their sales. In the MINI brand it is much more appreciable, since of 209,271 MINI so far this year, 29,191 were Cooper SE, almost 14%. This model has grown by 45.2% so far this year.

T3 2022Year-on-year comparisonT1, T2 y T3 2022Year-on-year comparison
BMW Group587,795-0.9%1,747,889-9.5%
BMW M GmbH43,259+9.1%124,459+1.2%
BMW Group PHEV and BEV98,821+26.2%283.289+22.3%
BMW Group BEV52,306+121.6%128,196+114.8%
BMW motorcycle51,778+5.7%159,333+1.7%
BMW Group sales from January to September 2022

This fact should also be highlighted, and it is that BMW already sells more electric cars (including MINI) than high-performance BMW M models, 124,459 units. Let’s keep in mind that the i4 M50 and iX M60 models are accounted for as much as 100% electric as BMW M. On the other hand, in 2022 some models were not available last year, the i4 and iX. They are pulling the bandwagon of demand.

The BMW Group still does not set a date to abandon internal combustion in advance of what the regulations establish, which it will have to respect, while other groups, such as Mercedes-Benz, have already committed exclusively to electric cars for a few years. . MINI does commit to being an electric brand, but BMW does not. As for Rolls-Royce, at the moment it is 100% combustion until the Specter is available, in a year.


If we divide the world market between premium and non-premium brands, BMW remains the leader with 517,689 passenger cars in the third quarter excluding MINI. The improvement in results compared to the beginning of the year has a lot to do with the supply crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, since some suppliers had to stop their activity when bombs fell on them, such as Leoni. This explains why its year-on-year decline was almost neutralized in the last closed quarter.

Finally, we must remember another important detail. BMW no longer bothers to talk about plug-in hybrids in their press releases, even though they continue to outsell the 100% electric ones. The latter grow more, so it will not be long before we see a surge in sales of plug-ins without a combustion engine compared to those that do have one. In the accounting of electrified vehicles, semi-hybrids and light hybrids are NOT included, only PHEV and BEV.

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