BMW i Vision Circular Concept First Look

What will a BMW look like in twenty years? The BMW i Vision Circular concept gives an outlook into the electric and completely sustainable future. Even if the model will never go into production, it is interesting to look at. We have pictures and information for you.

The new i Vision Concept from BMW shows what a small, luxurious city car could look like in 20 years. Read on for all the details.

  • BMW i Vision Circular Concept presented
  • A small luxury electric car for 2040
  • Made entirely from recycled materials
  • 3D printed parts in the interior
  • Sound composed with Hans Zimmer
  • Will not go into production

This is what BMW’s car could look like in 2040. The concept is called i Vision Circular and is a fully electric luxury car that is built entirely from recycled materials and can be fully recycled itself. We took pictures for you at the IAA and received some information. For example, that it was important to the makers that no CO2 is emitted during the entire life cycle of the Circular. So neither in production, nor the parts, nor driving – great thing.

Exterior design

The BMW i Vision Circular doesn’t look like a current BMW, but more like what you would expect from a car that was designed as if it were 2040 …

The kidney grilles now extend over the entire front of the vehicle, with the LED headlights integrated into the corners. Most of the vehicle has no aggressive folds and edges, except for the hood, which has a corrugated section that matches the shape of the front grille.

BMW i Vision Circular Concept

The side is dominated by large windows, contrasting side sills, and an obligatory set of large alloy wheels. These were developed to reduce air resistance.

At the rear are the brake lights, which consist of a thick band of LEDs. The entire car has two-tone paintwork that changes from rose gold on the front to blue on the rear.

BMW i Vision Circular: interior and infotainment

The special thing about the interior of the BMW i Vision Circular is that it is completely recycled.

Do you see the steering wheel? It was 3D printed from wood and should feel warm to the touch. The upholstery is made from recycled plastics, and you can even find a lamp made from the gear stick on a BMW iX.

BMW has also commissioned the world-famous composer Hans Zimmer to develop ambient sounds that can be played through the vehicle’s stereo system.

BMW i Vision Circular Concept

BMW i Vision Circular: Production

The BMW i Vision Circular won’t go into series production – at least not shortly – but it will undoubtedly inspire future road vehicles.

The fully recycled interior concept seems like a likely addition to upcoming BMW vehicles, even if you won’t find a light-based gear stick in your next 3 Series.

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