BMW i4 2021: Will have up to 600 km of range

The most important launch for BMW this year 2021 is undoubtedly the new BMW i4. The BMW electric promises in its latest statement to combine sporting efficiency and comfort along with 600 kilometers of autonomy with a single charge in the WLTP cycle.

The most important launch in the electric car sector for BMW this year is undoubtedly the new BMW i4. His image is scheduled to be revealed to the media before the beginning of summer, with a series production that will begin in November of this year. Now BMW has shown more images of its electric saloon, which is not cut short of qualifying as sports.

And it is that BMW still wants all its models to display the sporty image and dynamic behavior that has always characterized the launches of the Munich-based firm. Although the last we knew about him, leaving aside today’s information, is that BMW does not intend that its i4 M, the most powerful and sporty of all those yet to come, becomes the king of acceleration racing, already that his goal is another.

The German firm has highlighted this time that the i4 will be the first one hundred percent electric car of its authorship that enjoys an approach and behavior as sporty as the firm’s diesel and gasoline thermal cars have had until now. It should be noted that the i8 is sporty but it is a plug-in hybrid, while the other two electric cars presented so far, the i3, iX, and iX3 do not have anything sporty in their reason for being.

BMW i4 2021

BMW i4 2021 Engine

Although they do not want it to become the king of acceleration racing, thanks to its 390 kW (530 hp) the BMW i4 accelerates from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4 seconds, although it does not enough to match the Tesla Model 3 with its 3.3 seconds in the same position.

BMW i4 2021

In the quest to enhance the dynamic facet of the new BMW i4, engineers have developed a driving assistance system called  ARB, whose function is to limit the slippage of the wheels on the driving axle. Thanks to it, the BMW i4 is capable of better traction in conditions that require it, such as on a sliding road surface or emulating the operation of a limited-slip differential in sporty driving.

BMW i4 2021

“For the first time, we have developed a BMW with sports DNA of electric propulsion totally from scratch . The BMW i4 offers everything that BMW stands for, and it is also totally electric. “.

And it is that not only it seems to be raised to behave in a sporty way when the driver demands it, but also under normal conditions it will be as pleasant to drive as any other electric car. This results in the version-specific fine-tuning of the suspension and damping, contributing significantly to the “harmonious” driving characteristics of the BMW i4. And it is that we remember, there will not only be a BMW i4 and an i4 M, but there will be more versions that will take nomenclatures of BMW thermal models such as i440 or i435.

BMW i4 2021

With its arrival planned for the end of the year, BMW puts on the market an electric car that, at least during its first commercial stages, will not enjoy a direct rival in terms of size and performance. The German firm has managed to position the BMW i4 halfway between the Tesla Model 3 and the Model S, which also means that it will not directly target the Porsche Taycan, but given its sporty planting and greater autonomy, with 600 confirmed kilometers in the WLTP cycle will surely steal sales from the Stuttgart electric sports saloon.

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